The 16P9S Has Great Read/Rip Speeds Compared to Sony 166S and AOpen 1648/aap


Have owned and tested all of these DVD-ROM drives - and the New LiteOn is very fast indeed-

All of the following were tested using the same - pressed 7.8gb DVD movie:

Sony 166S (modded) - Peak= 9.67x - Average= 7.07x - Readtime= 15.24 minutes

AOpen 1648/aap Pro (no mods available) - Peak= 12.92x - Average= 9.76x - Readtime= 10.45 minutes

Lite-On 16P9S (modded) - Peak= 14.20x - Average= 10.76x - Readtime= 9.42 minutes

At $20 shipped from Newegg - I think that this is the best bang for the buck reader/ripper out there today-



Forgot to say that I have found the 16P9S Omnipatched reads/rips at close to the 1693S Omnipatched - so both are very good in their own right-

LiteOn 1693S read of 7.8gb pressed disc =
Peak @ 14.44x - Average @ 10.77x - Readtime @ 9.48 minutes


Will this help with DVDShrink and compressing/deep analysis times?? Or does the speed/power of the processor become more of a factor?
I am awaiting delivery of the 16P9S from newegg and I am wondering if my Barton 2500XP will become a bottleneck.
For the record, I am using an old Aopen 1640 Pro dvd rom for ripping. Decrypter’s log gives me the following for the extended version of Fellowship Of The Rings-Disc 1…

I 04:55:40 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:17:47
I 04:55:40 Average Read Rate: 6,773 KB/s (4.9x) - Maximum Read Rate: 10,145 KB/s (7.3x)

This is pretty much the average rates/times for my backups of commercially pressed discs in the 7 gig range.


Since DVD Decrypter just rips and doesn’t compress or analyze, it will improve DVD Decrypter’s time.

As for DVD Shrink, you will most likely be limited by your CPU. For people who like to use DVD Decrypter to first rip and then DVD Shrink to compress (instead of DVD Shrink to rip and compress), then the ripping part of the process will be greatly sped up.

Thanks to a recommendation from Chas0039 I ordered a Lite-on 169S a few days ago.

Ripping a dual layer gave me the following initial results:

Lite-on 169S 15 min 53 sec
Plextor 716A 11 min 04 sec
BenQ1620 16 min 31 sec
BenQ 1640 11 min 01 sec

then I downloaded
and set everything to max

Liteon 169S now ripped in 9 min 36 Sec

As another test I tried to get it to rip an old movie which no other writer could read. Basically it did the job with 26 errors and other the restored movie
was a little foggy towards the end it was no worse than many videos from the 1980’s

I can’t think of a reason wy any shouldn’t have one of these - even if just for the occassional difficult disk. I had 2 and 3 year old data disks which are starting to fail and need to be reburned - the Liteon 169S way well save other disks.