The 1.º Double Layer DVD+R burn with my Nec 2500a

I burned a DL disk with my Nec 2500a flashed to 2510a, firmware Maddog 2.F7, booktype to DVD-ROM. Very good burn, im suprised with the burn quality. I got ( well, an offert from my boss :wink: ) a Verbatim DL DVD+R 2.4x, reads without problems on my Liteon DVD-ROM. This weekend i will try it on a Playstation 2 and a stand alone player. Here’s the scan:

looks good! :smiley:

Thanx for the scan FearFactory i’ll have to remember to flash to 2.F7 when i try DL media (Verbatim). Price has to come down some for me to buy it.

Yeah, seriously, I can’t believe the damn disks are still $10/piece!

Yeah, this media seems very good but the price is high too… like i said, i got this DL disc for free, a gift from my boss :smiley:

Well, the price must come down eventually. By then, we are all burning DL DVD’s :bigsmile:

At this link: you can buy Verbatim DVD+R DL for 7 Euro (German site).

I tried the disc on a stand alone player, works great. But on a PS2, it stops in the menu. Next move, Xbox.