That's TYG02

I was expecting better results with TYG02 media. The following disc was burned with LG GSA-E10L at 4x and tested with LiteOn iHAS122 and iHAS124 D. Note the high PI errors. Any opinions?

If possible, try 8x. (I can’t remember if the H10 series supports 6x).

The following burn was with iHAS124 D at 8x. Results seem worse than the above. I think LiteOn burners do not like DVD-R media.

Are you sure they are genuine TY?

Yes, they are genuine.

The PIE are looking not so good, but the important part are still the PIFs. There are no high spikes and no really bad clustering. The media should play/work in almost all players without any problems. When did You buy these Taiyos? Perhaps they are one of the last TYG02, which were not so great like at the beginning of production.

I bought them recently, but I can’t tell how long were in stock. Is there a way to check the manufacture date?

I don’t have any information about that. Perhaps someone else can give any answers to this question?