That's -R

I found some 50 packs of That’s (Yuden) 16X -R for 15 Euros.
That’ a great price but I need to know if the compatibility will be as
good as with 16X+R.I am burning films mostly.

rdgrimes had a nice scan in the “quality scans” post. Check it out.

Where did you find “Thats” 16x +. I didn’t think they were made yet. The dash are TYG03.

I use them for a long time from a friend that has a record store some Km from here.
They are excellent media. And I am really sorry, I meant 8X.
The mistake was because they are capable of overburning at 16x with my previous
BenQ1620 pro and 12x with my 4163B.

G03 is very much like G02, except it is less tolerant of being burned at lower speeds. Stick with 12x, 8x mimimum.

At 12x +R was very good.I hope -R will be the same good.
I burn always at 8 or 12x.

You will probably not be able to burn the 16x -R at 12x with GSA-4163B. Only 16x and 8x are enabled in the firmware. It is too bad LG does not support 12x, as 16x can be just too fast even for quality media like TY, and 8x can be a bit slow if you are in a hurry.
At 8x, the TYG03 should burn very well.

True enough, although oddly the burn may well finish at 12x anyway. Like this one . There’s no problem here with 16x quality.

Good news, thanks once again.

0.3 Euros per disk seems cheap. Is that retail price?

Oh, just read the following posts saying it’s a mistake. :slight_smile:

Even for 8x that can overspeed is a very good price, Ken.
He is a fried of mine so he gives them in the same price he is buying.
Because i have use to +R, I am unsure for the -R compatibility.

TY 8X -R doesn’t overspeed at all.
But the time is around 8 minutes, so it’s not that bad :(.

TYG02 is reliable. I like both That’s 8x DVD-R and Fujifilm 8x DVD-R of TYG02 MID. With MCSE, you can overspeed TYG02 as well. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to do it and I am not sure if I’ll gain something important.
And from what I’ve seen it doesn’t support 105.
Well, I load 104 on MCSE and I double click the TYG02.
It asks me with what to replace tyG02.Then what?
If I choose TYG03, itr says that it would not support TYG03 anymore.

I did replaced TYG02 with TYG03 and exported the 104 speedpatched.
I get 16x at the TYG02 and a writing time of 6:32!!!
Do anyone knows if this wonderfull tool could overspped Hyundai 8x +R?
They selling them here for 16 Euros for 50 pcs.

Hyundai 8x +R are also on fake Taiyo Yuden list.

Be happy if you can burn them at 8x. 12x and for sure 16x is to fast for this crap. :Z

Won’t buy them, then. Thanks.