That's DVD-R TY Media for Master

I received 5-6 of these media for testing purposes from the TY rep office in Greece. Have you seen them around before?

They are regular TYG02 media, but come with the indication 'For Master" and have a cool protective sheet on the burning side for protection from dust and scratches :slight_smile:

My guess is that they are the best G02 media when it comes to quality checks and they just put the protective sheet and market them for mastering. The difference in quality if any should be obvious only in 16x burning speeds i guess.

Will do some scans tomorrow. The pics will follow (sorry for the bad quality)

That’s DVD-R TYG02 for Master


That’s” is normally never found outside Asia. As it’s TY’ own brand, they’re probably the very best TY has to offer.

“That’s” is normally never found outside Asia.
LOL not quite so :slight_smile:

We have That’s ceramic media available around here - not very easy to get them since its only available from the central TY redistributor in big quantities.

But these media for Master are like nothing i’ve ever seen around here, nor in CDF or the web generally speaking. They were very kind indeed to let me test these :slight_smile:

They have also sent me around 8-9 TY CD media for Master again also with a protective sheet for testing. Will post pics of them too in another thread when i have some time.

I can’t wait for the test results… :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely, i’ve seen a time ago That’s media in some greek online shops, can only agree with Francksoy. Lucky man!

@ Hemispasm
I guess you’ve got them from here
But they don’t offer shipping to other european countries?

Yep these are supposed to be TY’s best quality disc’s.
(Wonder if they still have the same ratio with bonding problems as the normal stuff becuase incase of othere compannies there pro media most times has much less problems on that as well. (maxell for instance !) )

Yep thats the place, they are the greek rep for TY. They dont ship abroad i am afraid though. The prices are insanely cheap too, but they are kinda slow with importing the new staff, i got some G03 and T03 as samples only a month ago.

Yep these are supposed to be TY’s best quality disc’s.
If you are referring to Thats media yes you are right - but these media are always ceramic which makes them better anyways. The store here brought some TY ceramic non-Thats media only a month ago or something and i will get my hands on some in the following days for comparing to Thats media.

This thread though presents these specific Thats media for Master, and i am just wondering how they behave compared to other “normal” Thats ceramic media. No scans still, later tonight i will post some :slight_smile:

That’s really :sad:

Interesting…I too look forward to seeing how well these “That’s Master Media” burn. Burn, baby, BURN! :slight_smile:

This one was burned with a Teac 516D @12x

Big block of PIFs at the end, not something i would have expected.

Both my other drives i have here currently burn TYG02 at 8x only, and one attempt to burn @16x with 1693s with omnipatchers help resulted at a coaster.

I know it’s easy to say this AFTER the scan, but I was not suprised to see lower results than typical TY media. These discs are obviously handled differently than the TY that we are familiar with that gives such great results in general, and these may have some different manufacturing steps that could open the door for lower consistency as well.

Does the TEAC generally burn TYG02 well @12X? :confused:

hmm… that protocsheet is multilanguage. ‘that’s’ available in .eu? -hope so :slight_smile:

There doesn’t seem to be any difference in quality between normal “That’s” TYG02 and the Master discs.

BTW, when I say they’ve been handled differently, I’m talking about the protective sheet. Of course they are intended to protect the disc, but it also leaves the slight possibility for having an effect on the discs themselves. Being sold in jewel cases is not that uncommon and, if anything, generally tends to be even better media than media sold in spindles. Having said that, it’s perhaps just as likely that it’s only a coincidence that these particular discs are giving him worse results compared to your average TYG02 sold in spindles in mass quantity, maybe I’m just reading too much into it and it’s just a coincidence. Clearly it’s a very poor burn at the edge for TYG02, though. I’d be curious what kind of results you’ll get at 8x in a burner that is known to typically give great results.

Will post burns at 8x with PX740 and 1693s later today (being at work now).

The Teac burns other TYG02 just fine @12x, at least up until now. Of course there have been one or two cases where it dednt but as a rule most scans come out lke the one that follows

This is a relatively “bad” burn of TYG02 (Plextor) media with 516D

And this is how it treats TYG03 printable media (always with fw version 1.18) @12x

I guess you’ll have to be on vacation in greece!
I’ve contacted Taiyo Yuden Europe, very hard to get these media.