That I should make with this burner so young?

:sad: Dear colleagues, my most sincere greetings for this congregation, he would thank the specialists in this matter to help me to find a solution or explanation to the case that I am presented, first I give them the conditions that I have so that they can value my situation, I have Quemedor LG model model: GSA-H22N, Rom to see: 1.01 have just bought it, it was manufactured in Chinese, I bought disks DVD-R FUJIFILM from 1X to 16 X, use Nero 7 Ultra Edition.
The problem consists in that when I try to burn these disks, the alone Nero allows that it burns them at 4X, doubting of the disks, I arrived me at the house of a friend that has a burning older LG, when putting the same disk, the Nero allows to burn up to 16x, we remit ourselves to the CD-DVD Speed to see. 4.07 and in for my friend’s burner it reports the disk of 4.1X up to 16X (with this burner), in my burner single reprota 4X, they could help me, Greetings Joselec

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Things to get out of the way:

  1. IDE cable: must be 80-conductor for modern burners.
  2. DMA: must be enabled, see link in my signature. H22N with 1.01 should show as UDMA 4.
  3. Master/slave config, check jumper settings!

Good luck :slight_smile: