That Hollywood look... How do I make my home movies look awesome?



[B]I am looking to make a dvd from homemade clips. I know I can burn them with Nero… but it doesn’t have anything fancy to make it look nice and professional example: themed menu templates, customized menu templates, Motion menus and music menus.

I have been looking for softwear and there is just so much… I am feeling overwhelmed. Especially since I JUST learned how to burn a dvd file with Nero!! Yahhh!! hahaha…

I followed this guide On how to 1st convert & Shrink my home movie… SO from there… what can I do to make an impressive DVD with menus ect…??
Robyn :flower: [/B]


what you need is dvd authoring software. if you are a beginner i suggest NeroVision Express 3…choose make dvd, add your video files, make menus with sound, animation etc. very easy to learn as you go…


Pinnacle studio plus 9 is great and had lots of effects to make your movie terrific:) Hope this helps.


When you feel like a challenge, this one still blows my mind but i’ve learned the basics with the help of a few guides.


:iagree: dvdlab pro rocks, check out reboot`s guides on


I agree, NeroVision Express is a good starting point to give you a general idea of how to author a DVD. After a while, you will probably want to step up to one of the more advanced programs suggested by sikoone and ako. :iagree:


I would not recommend Pinnacle. If you search through the forums, many people have had problems with pinnacle. Do some reading at and . You can pick up old versions of Adobe Premiere, or Vegas Video for less than $100.00 and get professional level software. But, the learning curve is a little steep for these programs. There are numerous tutorials and guides that make make it much easier. I spent about 40 hrs playing with tutorials, before I even tried doing my first project. It was time well spent.