That annoying sheep!

Sorry Olli! is there any other graphics to watch whilst copying other than that greedy sheep!!! If so, how do I change it?

My recollection is that you right click and a table of options pop up, one of which is stop animation.

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I think you can just replace the graphic in the CloneDVD program directory with another one (of the same size).

The best thing to do is right click the sheep graphis and disable it. even Ollie has stated that the sheep graphis eats alot of CPU cycles.

I also think you can click on it and it will toggle over to some available graphic displays of the transcoding process going on, if you prefer.

It does.

Why did you post this in the AnyDVD forum?

It’s went on for so long aswell. :doh:

Just disable the sheep…no biggie - Right/Click 4 Options

only one day-chill out!! you are talking to a fellow Tim-Hail! Hail!

I am chilled :iagree:

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I don’t get it.

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any suggestions for a replacement??

Of course Celtic have a great record in Europe ,better than any other UK team, NOT.