Thanksgiving is around the corner. What are you gonna do?

Alone again, naturally.

i’m going to my parents…and eating turkey…and visiting with my brother and his family and hoping not to see them till christmas…our 3 times a year is enough…

SS, sounds like your brother and family aren’t too welcoming. :stuck_out_tongue:

stay in bed the whole time

sounds good to me

actually its just my sis-in law…she tries to act so much better than everyone else…and thanksgiving is where she hands out her Demand list…er i mean wish list… and as usual none of that list will make it to my tree… a coat for my 2 year old neice $275 USD…that will end up on ebay within a week …uh HELL no…and thats one of the cheaper things on the list…so this year…everyone gets charlie cheap o gifts( 50 dollar gift certificates)…because i’m spending some money in GERMANY!!! :bigsmile:

Oz doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving … as far as I can garner from all sorts of TV shows & terrible information sites online … it’s something about a dinner between the native indians and settlers … for helping them.

I’m curious whether it was before or after all the indians were wiped out by the disgusting flu virus that the colonists brought with them.

well goof it was BEFORE…we got the indians around us gave them the bird flu and stole their land…GEEZE what do they teach you in school over there???

Beer drinking & the Japanese language, but the Japanese is optional. I didn’t do it.

If you go on to college, you get into the advanced Pub (aka dingy bar-room) etiquette.

You can also enroll for the Masters … how to deal with difficult situations, ie if someone offers you a Fosters or foreign beer or the PHD … recommended handholds to stop you from falling off the floor when the world tips upside down after a long night of not learning the japanese language.