I really did miss the place. I promise not to get so depressed and drunk in the future. Real decent of you guys. Now back to the nubie forum and likley 100 answers to be made.

Im sorry, sometimes life becomes more then people can stand And I have been having more then my share of bad days latley :flower:

Hey you…welcome back :slight_smile:

Hey you back :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:

Got some hardwork to do today. 2 250 gig added drives. Things were starting to get a bit to full. This should be fun. Opening a computer always is.

welcome back dude :bigsmile:

Thanks alot dude. Man seems I got a whole bunch of catching up to do. I just took a stab at 10 hoping to get 5 right. Looks like I got another 100 to go. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But I like doing it. If I didn’t I would not be here. Now im just dripping at the seams for my new drives to get here. This should be fun. 10 hours of bare drive format followed by days of moving things from box A to box B assumeing the computer see’s the drives without me siting in my office naked burning insense to make them work :iagree:

And die of asbestos-contamination!

Im not 100% sure what ill find in there. May be a new form of life but I got to do it.

lol, just be glad its a new computer you’re migrating to and not a crap pentium 3 computer. Since coming to live in the uk, my dad got a laptop (which only i use) which is decent spec, and then we got a P3 desktop. Ive upgraded the laptop’s ram to 1 gig from 512mb, and now have a benQ 1650 which i stuck in the P3, that I cant even burn at 16x because of how crap the computer is lol (it reaches 15.5x or something), and also cant burn at 4x on MKM 001 DL media lol. Oh well.

Just out of interest, do you have one of those grounding wrist strap things techies wear when upgrading? I just make sure I frequently touch the side of the box, whether that grounds me I dont know lol, i heard that does.

I’d pay a dollar to see that :o by the way we expect more posts from you here in the LR :iagree:

I think this guy is going to wait till midnight. 2:00 still nothing. It’s cold enough these things are going to have to defrost before I can plug them in :confused: Can you say 3.9C gee I thought it was spring

make that 2:24 time change

Yep got the strap, don’t know if it gets big enough to fit where im putting it :bigsmile: Case has been open all day. I got a million bays. (server case) just nothing yet to put in them :frowning:

Can I have some of your spare bays? I don’t have enough :bigsmile:

I have a strap too, but grounding myself on an unpainted part of the PC seems to have worked for quite a few years now. :slight_smile:

I live so close to high power radio towers I had to ground the huge metal rack this whole thing is on. Want to have some radio energy fun. Take a neon bulb. Attack one leg to ground and put a 4 foot long wire on the other. The bulb glows. I think my grounding point is going to fall off any day. Im not kidding. it’s bad here. Grounding point as in one of those copper coated 10 foot long rods you have to punch into the earth.

update 2:35 still nota
make that 2:41 :sad:
he’s here. I can hear the brakes on the truck that need replacing :stuck_out_tongue:

:eek: :eek: :eek:

I should have been a neurologist. Two hours standing on my head to get these drives in, then I find out I screwed them in upside down, ok no problem. Quick switch. Then the only pci card I have in the whole system I have to remove to get at the bloody connectors, Ok no problem except now when you got to put the card back in the connectors have to go under the card. Agggggggggggggggggg (don’t forget im standing on my head cause my system is not easy to get at. Ok so now mostly back together again. Good thing I loaded the drivers cause there was no cd in the box. The only four good things that were.
1 - When I turned it back on nothing blew up
2 - The computer saw the new drives right away
3 - Looks like that format is going to take along time
4 - Everybody should be required to take a computer apart once, builds character.

have to reboot to see if everything took and change the drive letters around. :doh:

#1 and #2 - excellent :iagree:
#3 - DOH!
#4 - Absolutely :bigsmile:

Nope life can’t be that simple for me. The computer see’s them but they don’t show up in my computer. Somehow I think this will be an easy fix. It really sucks to be me. BTW these drives make no noise. Quiet as church mice. Xp just needs a lesson in device manager. Been there, done that :bigsmile: I even put the side cover back on. WOW I didn’t pull out any wires. Im amazed at myself or god or a little of both of us. I find they guy that designed the hole patterns in those drive bays he is toast.

ps: I was right. MS needs to full format them. There both at 1%. This is going to take a while. All this joy as every anti spam / virus decides to upgrade themselfs at the same time. Who can ask for anything more. I see alot of prefetch and temp files in the history bin sometime later tonight or tomorrow.

So the noobs and LR are going to have to wait a day. Im nothing special but I can usually pull off a 50% right answer and that makes me feel good, I have nothing else worth living for except helping, (and im no dummy) I only talk about things I know something about. You put me in video or music ville and im compleatly lost.

ps: were up to 3%. I could drink a 12 pack faster then that :bigsmile:

And you’re very much appreciated…pssst…I’m lost with video too :wink:

3%, wow :eek: