Thanks MP|3

I am not sure if it was you or not that added the resolved/unresolved/unresolvable thread prefixes but I wanted to say thanks for adding it and now I can go through and mark accordingly. I do have a request though can you add Inactive to the list because some go without reply.

It’s great, isn’t it? :bigsmile:

I’ve yet to play properly with it… I would have thought, though, that threads with no replies would do just as well being “unresolved” - as they are unresolved :wink:

JMO there. :slight_smile:

True I used the resolved one just now but it seemed to not apply, It is the thread Paranormal Activity.

I mean my forum is laid out differently and using vbulletin 4.0.1 but look at how the thread prefixes work on my forum.

That link is really handy Doc - I think marking the forums as “resolved” or whatever on the forum index is a great idea - means anyone can see at a glance if something’s fixed, or still needing attention :wink:

Yep I spent several weeks styling it and getting most of my coding done. I still have a bit of coding left to do on it to make it complete. Mainly the forum icons.

We would like you to give us some feedback about the unresolved questions page. Is there anything we should change or add to make it easier for you to moderate the unresolved threads? We are also looking into showing on the forum index which questions are unresolved as suggested in this thread, we aren’t sure how to show it though and if we should show it to ‘normal’ members as well. We are thinking about putting an icon in front of the thread or just putting ‘Unresolved’ before the thread.

[QUOTE=jochem2007;2489638]We are thinking about putting an icon in front of the thread or just putting ‘Unresolved’ before the thread.[/QUOTE]

That might work :iagree: - I think an icon may be less cluttered-looking than the word “Unresolved/Resolved/whatever” though - but maybe you could experiment with both? :slight_smile:

Hopefully Doc will give some input, as he’s obviously used these settings himself on his own forum :slight_smile:

You can if I remember right with version 3.7 and above on this forum software. Use a icon if you so choose? I know vb4 you can but can’t remember if 3.7 or 3.8 can.