Thanks Little Bush



I have very little use for little Bush, I even sent an email to Putin to keep him in Russia when he was there. But I do have to thank him for one thing and that is my 401k money is in abonds account that has a large holding in Europe bonds, which I was not to happy about. The funny thing is that since Little Bush has pushed the dollar to an all time low my returns on these bonds have went above 10 percent. I assume that is because of the return rate between the Euro and the dollar. Even as stupid as Little Bush is he is at least making me money, even though the money is not worth as much overseas.

1 Year 10.05


Your first misconception is that the President controls monetary policy in the USA. It is the Federal Reserve Board. Second, is that the President controls the the level of the stock market. He doesn’t. About the only thing the President can do to effect the economy is to raise and lower taxes and change tax policy and this takes a long time to become effective. Raising taxes slows the economy and cutting them stimulates it. Bush cut taxes and the economy took off. If he had not done this we would be in a full blown recession right now. What is causing the economic problems in the USA is the rapid and severe deflation of the housing bubble. This is now effecting the overall economy due to lack of available credit to consumers and now to corporations and businesses. Also, as people see their biggest asset (i.e. their home) decline in value they will instinctively curtail spending which in turn slows the economy further.

Take off your Bush hating goggles and you will see the reality of the situation. :wink: This economic slowdown has little to do with Bush or Congress (except that neither can stop spending money like drunken sailors). It has to do with Fed monetary policies and their failure to start lowering interest rates 1.5 years ago to help ease the housing crisis. If Bush and Congress wants to help matters in the future then they need to make the Bush tax cuts permanent and lower the corporate tax rates.


Who controls the Federal Reserve??

You think the government does right? Not even close.

Thomas Jefferson quoted: “Whoever controls the printing of the currency, controls the government”. Remember that.

Has anyone watched the Documentary: America- From Freedom to Fascism?

It is a fascinating video by director Aaron Russo. I can’t find my dvd of this film,but I will look for it again to get another look at it.

Here’s a quick outline:

It’s the true account of how Woodrow Wilson,back around 1918 to 1920,handed over control of the printing of the money for the USA. He handed it over to big named people Rockefeller,Carnegie,etc. This means the printing of the US currency is controlled by BANKS!!! Whover controls printing of the currency,controls government.

They also came up with the Federal Income tax “voluntary only”. Remember that.It was directed at bringing in tax revenue by business’s and corporations proffits-and they called it “Income”. Businesses making money was income. People working for these business’s,swapping work for pay-wan’t counted as income…

The IRS came in later and said anyone making money,it’s all income.

Social Security was also Voluntary.

Woodrow wilson said,after he signed that bill for the Federal Income Tax: " I have just reduced the Living lifestyle of every american,now and future generations…

The huge federal deficit: Tax money is going toward the federal deficit,which means our tax $$ is going to the bank. All along I thought we were working for the government with our tax dollars,but turns out-we are working for the Bank. The people’s tax money pays more towards the federal deficit than all business’s combined!!!

According to the video, the american dollar is worth 4 cents. That’s how much extra money the federal reserve printed,beyond what is supposedly backed up by the gold in ft knox.

Gold in Fort Knox? The federal government won’t allow an Audit of the Gold that is supposed to be stashed there. For all we know,the banks went in and divied all the gold between them. We will never know.

The main theme to that video is Russo walking out in public and asking people: Have you ever seen the law that said we had to pay income taxes?

Well,there is no law. I’ve never seen it,and I bet anyone checking out this thread has ever seen that law. It was voluntary to begin with,and then mandatory later on,just like Social Security.

Out Forefathers created this country based on taxation.

Constitution states there is only 2 types of taxes:

  1. Direct Taxes: Taxes payed equally between the citizens. Remember that. Equally between the people.

  2. Involuntary Taxes: Also know as sin taxes. Gas,Liquor,Cigarettes,Liscenses,sales,etc. Things that you don’t have to have if you don’t buy them…

Where does the Federal Income tax come in? I know people I work with,making same hourly rate,but pay less taxes than I do,even we gross the same amount. So it’s not a direct tax. They automatically take it out of my paycheck,so it’s not an indirect tax.

The federal income tax is basically Unconstitutional!!!

Man what I’d do with the extra $100-$300 clams I’d save from Uncle Sam not withholding my unconstitutional Federal Income tax out of my pay check every week.

It’s even got some court cases where people have gotten away without paying federal income tax to the IRS-people who didn’t have their own business/corp. It would come down to the judge asking the IRS attorney/s to show the law (document) stating the law for federal income taxes. There is none!!! Defendent was free,IRS would say mis trial or someother excuse because there is not a law saying we have to pay federal income taxes. The IRS will be on you like stink on sh@t after that.

Even the federal government is afraid of the IRS. You should have seen what the IRS did to Joe Lewis after he enlisted into the millitary in WWII. He donated his paycheck to the war effort. After the war,IRS said he had to pay taxes on all that donated money. So he basically died broke-repaying the taxes- according to the film.

Since it’s tax time,anyone owing a lot of money to the IRS and gets taken to court: Ask the judge that you want to see the Actual Law that you have to pay Federal Income tax.!!!

Homeland Securities Act: That’s really opening up a huge can of worms. More wiretaps for possible Terrorists?? Passports to go to mexico,canada?

Face it, we are not too far from Nazi germany of the 30’s and 40’s.

Future: Barcodes/implant chips on people,being able to track everyone. Control what you eat,drink,smoke,etc.
Q: How can they control what I eat?
A) You’re in your car,make a phone call to Domino’s pizza. Order your meat lovers pizza. Whoever answers the phone,already has your name/addess/medical history/etc.They know all about you and where you are at. Then the pizza boy/girl tells you that “you have high cholesteral,that’ll be $50”. “Or we can get you a vegetarian pizza for $10”

If you don’t get that implant chip,then basically you’re not in their system. Getting a job,open bank accounts,etc-you’re basically history. Piss off the wrong people,you’re just a click away from wiping you off their system.

It’s a very fascinating flick and will get you thinking.

Lil Bush did make it worse,but Woodrow Wilson started it all.

Just A little food for thought.


Little bush is the one who has spent so much money that the dollar is not worth anything so he is responsible. The dollar would be just fine if it was not for his war.


[QUOTE=samlar;2005667]Little bush is the one who has spent so much money that the dollar is not worth anything so he is responsible. The dollar would be just fine if it was not for his war.[/QUOTE]

Who approves Bush’s budgets and who approves Congress’ budgets? The war costs are what percentage of the overall budget? I’m the last one to defend Bush’s spending habits but spread the the blame around some because he can’t spend money that Congress doesn’t give him and the past year he got plenty from Reid and Pelosi.


You should be thanking MR and MRS Bush, with them there wouldn’t be a Little Bush :slight_smile:


Yes they are both to blame congress and Little Bush but it is his war. I just think it is funny that I have been telling people that Little Bush was going to spend us to the breaking point which he has while his spending has made money for me. I for one just a few years ago like most wanted all my 401k money to be in things in the USA but now after 7 years of little bush I am making money and feel safer with my money in Europe bonds.


[QUOTE=samlar;2005772]Yes they are both to blame congress and Little Bush but it is his war. I just think it is funny that I have been telling people that Little Bush was going to spend us to the breaking point which he has while his spending has made money for me. I for one just a few years ago like most wanted all my 401k money to be in things in the USA but now after 7 years of little bush I am making money and feel safer with my money in Europe bonds.[/QUOTE]

Another misconception is that this is Bush’s war. He gained the approval of Congress and the UN before starting it. They all had the same intelligence reports too. Even the public supported it. Then the Democrats saw that opposing it could be used for political gain and the mostly liberal media added to the anti-war feeding frenzy. Add to this the distance, time wise, from 9-11-2001 where people’s memories of the event are less intensive and you get an anti-war movement.

One thing is certain there aren’t many people in the USA that want to lose the war in Iraq or to leave the country in disarray and let more genocide occur as it did under Saddam or leave it to Iran to take over. Whether the war in Iraq is a success won’t be known for another 10-15 years at the earliest. If soldier deaths continue to fall to almost none then the Iraq war won’t even be on the American radar screen and it will be just like having troops in Korea, Germany, Japan etc. (should the Iraqis want a permanent US military presence) which is a non-issue. Should Iraq become a stabilized, productive, representative democracy then Bush’s little war will be viewed very kindly by history, IMO. Especially it is helps spread democracy throughout the region.

Reagan wasn’t praised by the left when he called the Soviet Union the Evil Empire but history is proving to treat him with much kindness and respect. Don’t be surprised if Bush is seen the same way one day. I find it funny that Bush is received like a rock star throughout Africa and we see or hear very little of this in the media. He has done more to help Africa than Clinton, Europe or any other person on the planet but the media can’t give him any credit for it. Why is that? I think I know why. You should read what Bob Geldof has to say about Bush’s efforts in Africa. Here’s a link:

As for making money in Euros, whatever works for you is good as maximizing profits is the American way. I just don’t see where pulling Bush into it is all that relevant. Many are making much better returns from the Chinese. They are on fire right now. Also, the high Euro may not last because it is killing European exports. Especially to the USA which is probably Europe’s largest export market so keep an eye on those exchange rates.


[QUOTE=samlar;2005667]Little bush is the one who has spent so much money that the dollar is not worth anything so he is responsible. The dollar would be just fine if it was not for his war.[/QUOTE]
Little Bush spent all the reserve and Bill built up. Coincidence? how Democrats build up the economy and the Republicans blow it all and well you see where we are at now…


The home foreclosure rate is what’s killing the market. Banks loaning out money to people with horrible credit. People getting loans right after they finalized their bankrupsy. Another factor which was common around columbus Oh:

A lot of homes got purchased-people with middle eastern background. On a typical $150 K home,the bank would allow them to borrow $300 K so they can make improvements. The 1st $150 K went to the seller,and buyer got the rest for the emprovements. Instead of making improvements,they’d pocket the money and went back to their native country before they got busted. Then the houses sit empty for a long time,deteriorate, and the bank has to take a loss. This has happened to slew of homes there,and probably elsewhere. All perfectly legal.

Anybody buy a house recently?

I purchased my house last spring. It was the 4th house that I have owned. Not much trouble then. 1st purchase was 2 houses for $26,500 and no trouble.

This one,there was a slew of Predatory lending papers I had to sign. My downpayment was in a CD at a different bank. When time was up,I put it into my checking account until I found a house. The bank wanted the entire paper trail of how that cd got into my checking account and how it’s getting into theirs. Maybe they thought I was laundering money? They wanted to know about everything except my weiner size, LOL. All this trouble and I was only 30 pts from a perfect credit rating,had 20% down ,and house appraised $5 K more than what I gave for it.

Now I’m hoping the interest rate drops so I can refinance and put up a garage.

News in my area is Honda of America is cutting production to 4 days a week. Honda and Toyota were the only car makers that weren’t affected by the economy.I can’t recall Honda reducing production since they moved here in the 70’s. Honda claimed they were reducing production because of very high productivity.Honda has been working 6 days a week for a long time. They have never laid anybody off. Same goes for all the Japanese auto parts factories in my area.


[QUOTE=Bob;2005805]Little Bush spent all the reserve and Bill built up. Coincidence? how Democrats build up the economy and the Republicans blow it all and well you see where we are at now…[/QUOTE]

Once again I give props to Clinton but he didn’t do this by himself or even willingly. After the 1994 congressional elections where the Republicans took over the House and Senate Bubba ran to the right, fiscally, so fast that he slid to a stop just right of center. He did this as more an act of self preservation so he had a chance of winning re-election in 1996. He may have not had much sense when it came to interns but his political survival skills were top notch back then. When we talk about him balancing the budget one needs to mention the Republican Congress that was hitting him with a cattle prod every step of the way.

Also, the economic turnaround in the early 1990s was well underway before he took office in January of 1993. Many of his touted economic successes was him not screwing up the groundwork laid by others and following the Contract With America items pushed by the Republicans in 1995-1996. Let’s not forget the massive declines in the DJIA and NASDAQ under his watch that lead to the recession early this decade. You have to brand him with the bad if you brand him with the good.

My big gripe with the Republicans is they have forgotten why conservatives put them there. There is very little difference fiscally between them and Democrats. It is why Republicans lost the House and Senate the last election and why they will lose the presidency this fall if they don’t get back to their conservative fiscal roots. Until the federal government controls spending our fiscal problems will get progressively worse. They (Republicans and Democrats) can’t tax us enough to solve the problems we face as long as there is unrestrained spending.


I take it we are all registered voters in the USA? Well i am anyway.

It’s just a mess right now and people are pointing fingers. People are mad,depressed,etc…

I’m going to vote but i’ll just have to go along with whomever wins. Just like we have been doing…

I’m not sure if this is the direction member samlar meant for this thread to go?


[QUOTE=UTR;2005829]There is very little difference fiscally between [Republicans] and Democrats.[/QUOTE]Truest statement in this thread so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, Samlar was just letting us know that he’s doing his duty by buying foreign debt. Good job. :wink:


This coming presidential election is going to be like the last 2.
Who to vote for: Dumb or Dumber?

Not much to choose from!




The direction was more of a sad joke on me I like so many In the USA would never have trusted bonds from overseas over ones here. I was even a little upset that my 401k investments had been put there. But after what little bush did to the dollar I had a big smile on my face when I saw that because of this my investments were doing better than they had ever done since little bush was in office. Even though I think the USA is in more trouble because of little bush and his spending on this war, than it has been the my 62 years, I had to smile when I saw it was paying off for me. At least it is now. I would have never thought that I would ever come to think investments in Euro bonds would be better than here, but now I do.