Thanks Liggy!



For making Binflash OSX compatible… it’s greatly appreciated!


It wasn’t really much work. I could use the same sourcecode that I wrote for my other commandline flasher programs :rolleyes:


I can’t figure out Bin flash. When I flashed my drive I dumped the old firmware to a .bin file in my documents. Now when I download BinFlash what is my next step to reflashing the drive. When I open BinFlash in Windows it asks me to choose a program to open this file with. What program? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using XP and an Nec 3540. All I want to do is reflash to my origonal firmware 1.01 to compare results.


:slight_smile: I still appreciate it though… it was one of my concerns, when switching to Mac, that I would still need a PC to mess around with the firmware on my NEC.