Thanks Guys!

I have recently recieved my benq 1650 and I would like to thank everybody who suggested the unit. It works like a charm and all I had to do was just put it in and bam it burned a movie with the best results at 8 x. Thanks guys :clap:

Glad you like it, Ryan. Just be sure to post your results in the BenQ/Phillips DVD Burner forum, in the thread for the f/w (firmware) with the 1650 you are using. Posting results of your burns (especially if they are are great as you say they are at 8x) there with whatever mids (Manufacturer’s ID) you burn (MCC003, MCC004, tyg02, yuden000t02-00, etc.) might show others the 1650 is a good buy for them as well. :wink:

Just got my benq 1650 and burned a disk @16x and got 97 by Nero. I replaced my DVD Rom with it. Still got my DW-22a Sony but was never able to burn any thing above 4x that would play without pixels-freezing or not even loading. Now I use it as the player. Cant believe how great this thing is. Been reading your posts on it.
Thanks guys & gals. Best site ever read. Keep up the good work.

BenQ’s are the best I have 2 1640’s? It’s actually a Sony DRU 810A rebadged. They are sweet.

Yep, those BenQs are good drives…I have two 1650s and a 1640 myself.

Glad you’re pleased with your purchases, guys :slight_smile:

i didnt help ya but i am glad somebody did :slight_smile: