Thanks for your help

hi, i put a new thread on a while ago, and was just wanting to update what ended up happening.

well, i took my comp to the computer dude, and he had a look at it, uninstalled easy cd creator4 and found out that my problem was that my cd-writer had an intermittent fault. so i had that replaced, and it cost me $163.13 which is ok seeing its a samsung one, which is better than the one i had, and it actually looks ok cos its charcoal and not white, and the one that i was going to buy was a budget one lol. so thats ok, and he installed it all for me and everything, and it came with nero 5 so thats an added bonus too :slight_smile:

also, since getting the comp back last time, and till the time i put it back in to get fixed, i had sum how picked up the blaster virus :frowning: and that is kinda weird cos my virus scanner scans every day. i did have it before when it first came out, but i got rid of it, got the patch thing and everything and have had no problems since. which i find is weird.

but now, of course, i have another problem, my net connection wont stick, lol, i keep getting d/c every so often. i thought it mightve been from having my modem and scanner plugged into a usb adapter, so i changed that but it still did that (i have an external adsl modem in case u all think im crazy) and its still doing it. its driving me crazy! lol, but i refuse to take it back to the dude to fix it lol.

thanks again for all your help peoples :slight_smile: