Thanks for your help, one more ? (VHS & DVD)

First I want to thank all of you for the help that you’ve given me so far. I read and compare all your posts. Here’s my plan, please tell me what you think. So far I’ve gotten a LiteON DVD burner (on sale at Best Buy under the name of BUSlink). For transferring VHS & 8mm to DVD I’m going for the Canopus ADVC-100, it seems (from all I’ve read) to be about the easiest to figure out and keeps audio & video in sync. I’m going to (as your posts suggest) upgrade to Windows XP, increase my RAM to 512, and get and extra Hard Drive (around 60 gigs). Commenting on the above will be appreciated (unless you plan on confusing me more that I already am). There are still a couple of things I could use your help on. I need to get a Firewire for my Canopus ADVC-100, does it matter what kind, any recommendations? As far as software is there any that will do a good job both working with transferring VHS to DVD & Copying DVD to DVD? Do I need different software for both, and will any of this software also allow me to arrange my JPEG’s in such a way as to show them on my DVD player. Some of you have told me that there is editing software that comes with Windows XP, is that sufficient for any of the things I want done? As you can see I’m still a little confused and that’s why I’m calling on you guys.
Well Thanks again for all of your help
God Bless
Uncle Bob

Any Firewire will do. I have tried a number of software capturing tools and keep comming back to Ulead Video Stdio 7. Give it a try.