Thanks for the popups

This morning i tried to run AdAware and simultaneously open the CdFreaks Forum page in Internet Explorer.

Then some stupid ad (i dunno the url) decided to popup infinite times. After 5 minutes i gave up clicking them all away and rebooted my system.

Another thing: I block all cookies, therefore the CdFreaks main page script shows the cdfreaks popup at every refresh. Fun as well.

I’m back to Maxthon and blocking all ads and popups.

I just use Mozilla Firefox to block all popups.

Aye! Firefox is grrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

If we keep all the ads blocked cdfeaks would have no income. Is that what we users are forced to do when the Rankone company decides not to get contracts with decent firms? What a way to have a customer relationship.

Hmmm, are you sure? I am using MF since the early ages, now on version 1.01, but in the last few months I do get pop-usps from time to time on some sites :frowning:

I also have gotten a few in the past few months, but probably less than 5 popups the entire time I have used Firefox.

I just don’t get see the logic in pop-up advertising.
Most people don’t even see the ad itself as they are too busy closing the pop-up window.
If anything, such annoyances would make me dislike the advertising company even more and avoid their products.
This is a proven hated form of advertising and yet it is still being continuously forced on people who don’t even see the actual ads. Surely this cannot be effective.
If the point of the advertising is annoyance then I guess the pop-up ads have succeded immemsely.

Fortunately, Mr. Belvedre, I don’t patronize this form of advertising. I don’t even see them. Likewise with those underlined text ads that I’ve read so much about. I’ve disabled Active Scripting on my browser so I never see pop-ups or any other form of forced advertising.

I’m with you in voicing against any form of advertising that detracts for the pleasures of surfing and even completely destroys it’s functionality by inundating you with so many ads that you barely have time to close them before another one pops up.
How can you read ads when you are busy closing windows?

As for those quick to suggest Firefox, it is not immune to pop-ups as more people are discovering daily. You can and DO get pop-ups with Firefox.

Although it might sound strange to you and many others - probably more experienced internet users - popups are still the most effective way of advertising. The results (people that actually buy a product) with popups are still amongt the best of all advertising methods. Popups also generate a lot more revenue for webmasters compared to any other form of advertising.

Why do you think people are still spamming? Also because there are still enough people that purchase their products from spam mails. Wheter an advertisment method is annoying or not, if it’s widely used you can be sure it is effective (at least on the average joe).

I do agree, popups are not the most friendly way of advertising and I hope other friendlier formats will emerge that will enable us to generate the same income as popups do now, however currently this is not yet possible. We are currently reviewing options to make this possible, I’ll be able to say more about that in several months.

We are working with very decent advertising agencies, actually over the last year we have been able to work with all major players for independent websites such as FastClick, TribalFusion, Google Adsense, Quigo Adsonar, IntelliTXT, all companies with a very good reputation.

We are currently not serving any popups on the regular forum pages so I have no clue where the popups in the initial post are coming from. They should not originate from the regular forum pages (archive pages do have popup code, but these are not of any use to regular forum users). As we believe that users make our forum to what it is, we will try to make their stay as convenient as reasonable possible.

I could go into a discussion with everyone about how it’s your own choice to visit our page and you don’t need to accept our advertisments but you could also leave our page for what it is. Of course that is not our itention and as long as the group blocking several ways of advertisements is reasonably small we will not take any counter measurments. Just keep in mind that we do need advertisements to keep a site as big as ours up and running.

I also would like to add that I would advice to not block all cookies. Cookies also store e.g. your username and other user data so you don’t have to login every time you visit a page. Cookies were never meant to intrude privacy or track your behaviour but merely to make websites more dynamic.

I use Popup-Blocker from PanicWare. It’s great, blocks everything. (Sometimes too much lol) Just download it here:
And it’s also FREE!

I found the problematic commercial, just had another endless loop of popups.

Not all popup and ad blockers will actually block the offending popup or ad, but simply close it so quickly that you don’t notice it. I would assume that the ad still records a “hit”.

But I use Firefox 1.0 and NEVER see any popups, and also use the adblock extension which does prevent ads and banners from loading. This is my right to do, and it is a necessity for me to enjoy my “internet experience”. I do not subscribe to the notion that I should support CDFreaks by allowing this trash onto my 'puter. Frankly, I would rather pay a small annual fee to use CDF, but don’t tell anyone I said that. :rolleyes: Popups are invasive, rude, and plain ugly. Banners are only slightly better, but still not welcome here. If I was on dialup, I wouldn’t even consider letting that crap load. As it is, it’s just a matter of preference.

I use netscape 7.2 and have no popups . I also have zone alarm. any1 else use netscape? It’s been about 10 yrs I’ve been useing it and wouldn’t ,at thiis time really use anything else. as soon as 8.0 becomes stable , ( after the beta version) I’ll use it too. It works well for me.

That is not possible.

[li] This campaign does not use popups (I just checked also the code in the adserver software to ensure)
[/li][li] Again, there are no popups on the regular forum pages

Hmm, weird. I must have gremlins then. I’ll try and make a screenshot.
When i’m in MyIe2 there’s no problem, so that’s solved :slight_smile:

There is actually one popup on the CDF mainpage that Firefox doesn’t catch, but I have no idea how to fix that.

I though all current popupblockers worked this way…no?

I been using popupcop for close to 4yrs now. Zero popups in 4yrs after 3 options ticked in the customization field. Also NO SPYWARE installed. Best 20bux I ever spent… back then anyway… thinik its 30bux now.

I’m using the latest version of FireFox and whenever I visit the cdfreaks main page, I get a popup. I only get the popup though after clearing my cache and cookies, then visiting this site. Anyone else experience this? I haven’t had this problem with IE’s built in popup stopper (of course set to the highest level of popup blocking).

Sounds more like a banner than a popup. Get the Adblock extension and learn to use it. I never saw a popup there, and my cache is always clear. I do allow cookies here though.

Speaking of ads…
Blocks pretty much everything :slight_smile:

I rarely looked at popups but since cdfreaks dishes them all the time, I came across the alcohol popup. I usually closes them immediately but I got interested when I saw that they also sell alcohol 52%.

I guess from my experience, they are indeed effective. BUT for popups to be effective, they must be related to the nature of the website. If the popup was for something else not related to cd/dvd burning, I would definitely close it immediately!