Thanks for joining and posting!

Hello Rylex. Thanks for joining and posting! Would you like a subforum for the comix? :bigsmile:

I’ll get img code enables as soon as

Hi FutureProof,

I would be glad if you can create a subforum for the comix :wink:
Yeah - I would like that :slight_smile:
Thanks for the offer!!!


Alex (Rylex)

Gimme more comics!

Hi Airhead,

more comics are to come soon!

If you want to check the old BW-comics then please go to:

Best Regards,

Alex “Rylex”

Rylex, if i’m not mistaking you for someone else, then i remeber you.
i remeber reading (and laughing) at your comics on the other forum.
dont know if you remeber me.
as always enjoy you comics :slight_smile:

Good to see you here Rylex. Welcome from flips/philamber. :smiley:

Thanks for your good comments about my comics. I’m really honored!

Yeah I was the guy who published the comics in the old forum some time ago. :wink:

Thanks Mr. Belvedere!
Thanks genjai!
Thanks philamber!
Thanks to everybody! :wink:

Some more comics are soon to come like I said :wink:

Best Regards,

Alex “Rylex”


Where did you get the idea for this, there are funny…

Hi cloakdoa,

well I got the idea back in 2001 when the patin-couffin engine was introduced and crashed my system most of the time. That experience still tells me that ASPI is the best acess-driver for Blindwrite. I know that Patin-couffin engine might work fine in all versions now … but it really was the point why I did my first Garfield comics… and then over the time with every new BlindWrite version I got more and more ideas…
Every problem of BlindWrite should be shown in a new comic :slight_smile:
So and that’s the reason why there are soon some more comics to come about BlindWrite 5.0 ;-))

Alex “Rylex”

I must admit, these comics are very nice… although I’m not really a BW user (have no point for it, as I don’t own a single protected disc), I can laugh about it. Take that as a compliment :D…