Thanks DVDFAB, thanks a damn lot

I obtained a dvd folder which was 6.88gb so obviously I needed to compress it.

After using DVDshrink many times without a hitch I thought I might try ‘dvdfab’ for a change after seeing so many recommendations about its speed and reliability.

So I open up the dvd folder and want everything on the disk, so I went to the FULL DISC option and compression was 74%. Went along fine and yes, much quicker than dvdshrink.

I then burnt 3 copies of it.

I have just tested one and was suprised to see that the warning screens had gone, along with a couple of trailers for other dvd’s. Nice touch I thought.

BUT, It has also eaten the dvd intro. In most cases the dvd goes straight to menu anyway so this isn’t a problem. Though there is a 40 second clip at the start of the dvd just before the interactive menu appears, and this clip is important to the dvd.

So I understand why DVDfab got rid of this bit, as it would have recognised it as a trailer of some sort.

What I want to know now is…why did it do this in the first place seeing as I chose ‘full disc’? How can I stop this from happening in the future? And now i’ve wasted 3 perfectly good (and darn expensive) dvd+r’s.

BTW, I am 100% sure I chose full disc and not main movie due to the output folder named ‘fulldisc’.


Have you tried Clone Mode? Other than this maybe you will have to use a DL for this particular movie. . .

I have used Full Disc mode at less than 60% on TY 4X-R that cost 25 cents each without problems. This mode will leave warnings on also if I remember right. I like doing main movie or custom because I don’t like all that other junk. If I want commercials for other movies, I will watch TV. Not sure what happened but without more information we cannot suggest how to solve your problem. Start by looking in the common settings etc.

Which version are you using Gold or Platinum and number?


Since those intros are stored as separate files on the DVD, they’re not included when you copy the “main movie”. This is pretty obvious and the same thing would happen if you copied only the movie using any other program, including DVD Shrink.

I suspect the problem lies in the original file, not with DVDFab. Full Disc mode does not remove any extras, FBI Warnings, or menus. What software was used to create the file? It sounds like one (or more) of the IFO files either was not written correctly or is corrupt. If the BUP files are present, you might try renaming VIDEO_TS.BUP to VIDEO_TS.IFO (and make the current IFO the BUP) to see if that produces a better result. If the files were written incorrectly, this will have no effect. Even if you chose Full Disc, if the Play First information in the IFO is wrong it would produce the symptoms you describe. A better test would be to play the files from your HDD using WinDVD or some other player and see if the intro stuff plays as it should. (you may have done this but didn’t mention it).

Also perhaps try running the DVD folder through FixVTS? That has helped me before when I’ve butchered files using VobBlanker.

Good suggestion:) . Of course, owning the original disc as required by :cop: would eliminate the need for any of this.

Yup Yup you’re right on that Signal

I suspect you’re right signals…very nice explanation btw. As you intimated, it’d be interesting to “see” the structure of the obtained folder mentioned by the OP.

I agree and thanks for the kind words. Any truth to the rumor that you are changing your forum nickname to “mudman”?:bigsmile:

@ Pangloss
I beleive the OP mentioned Full Disc and not movie only. But since he has not bothered to reply maybe he discovered his misfortune.

Hahahaha…not hardly, although right now it’d probably be a better fit.
Looking forward to being your neighbor… :iagree: …Geez, I hope it doesn’t take 2 years!

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I obtained a dvd folder which was 6.88gb so obviously I needed to compress it.

Sounds like the movie was already on the HD, but

BTW, I am 100% sure I chose full disc and not main movie due to the output folder named ‘fulldisc’.

Sounds like Fab may have been used, but why would it need to be shrunk since Full Disc mode shrinks movie anyway.


HA! Me too. Much longer and you’ll (read that we’ll) be too O&S to enjoy it:bigsmile: . Absolutely last OT post for this thread. By me. Today. I promise.

Hi Mack. As I read the OP, he got the file from somebody else and the software used to create it is unknown at this point (I did ask). The OP used Full Disc and says it chopped off material from the front part of the disc (never heard of this). Maybe he will post back and give us some more details.

Signals that was my first thought too, but was trying to get the poster to clarify. It does not make sense to have that problem if he started with DVDFab. I clicked on his user name and he or she do not respond to suggestions much.


I agree:iagree: . Hope to hear more, but it’s been more than 24 hours now, so maybe over the weekend.

Sorry, I misread.