Thanks again

I just have to say I thank this place for being here. Honestly I don’t know much, don’t know about flashing and posting scans.

I came here about a year ago, by accident looking to buy my first dvd burner.

I got the i/omagic learned which was the btc and got the benq 1620.

This year I bought my son a pacific digital… was the benq dq60.

Wouldn’t work in his computer, did burn in mine even tho it is older, but the quality… sucked.

brought it back to staples, no prob, exchanged it for the i/omagic, per instructions here to get the one with the round circle 16x DVD+rw/+r 8x dl (they only had one like that, and about 8 others)

It is the benq 1655!! Night and day!!!

If I had bought the btc or had first gotten the dq60, I would have no idea how much difference there can be.

Again thanks to everyone who contributes here, and maybe someday I will learn enough to contribute as well.


Good Luck with your BenQ 1655 and happy burning also stay in touch here and read peoples experiences with this drive (1655) and wait for new firmware from BenQ coming out soon to further enhance the performance of your drive and ala42 tools to be embadded in that coming new f/w to increase your drive reading speed and writing strategy.