Thank You

to all US Veterans, thank you for your service! :bow::clap:

I´ll drink to that, and also the British, Canadian, Australian, South African, New Zealand, Indian and a few others, who were also there in the same wars. Some still are. :flower: :bow:

:clap: great job to all of you vets out there :clap:

Thank all of you vets

Yes, a BIG thank you to all the veterans that have protected the freedoms we enjoy and many times take for granted. As the saying goes, “Freedom isn’t free” and our veterans are the ones that have paid the highest price.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Wish they felt that way in the 70’s because when we departed San Fran the protesters used to throw garbage and paint off the Golden Gate bridge onto the aircraft carrier and planes when we passed under it going to the Gulf of Tonkin (viet nam)

as a returning Viet Nam Vet in 1970 I took a lot of abuse for the peace symbol on my car and apt. front door.
draft doggers got more respect than I got.

(draft doggers got more respect than I got.)
It’s was a damn shame but they sure did :frowning:

I think the country has matured a good bit regarding the military. Most people now realize the bulk of the military follow the orders of their superiors and the bulk of the responsibility for their actions rests with those superiors.