Thank you

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks.

Yesterday I bought My Morning Jacket - Z. When I got it home I innocently inserted it into my DVD burner so I could rip it in itunes and put it on my ipod. Little did I know…

After I started the rip I noticed that something or another was updating files. “Hmmm… what’s this all about?” I asked myself, “I didn’t run any software.” Then I remembered that Sony had gotten in trouble for instituting some malware DRM carp and looked at the CD case a little closer.

Yep, it was infected alright. I quickly looked for a way to shut down the program so it wouldn’t install itself, but it didn’t have an exit. By the time I brought up task manager to kill it manually it had already reached the point of asking to agree to eula. I killed it without doing so.

Even though I never agreed to the eula, it had installed itself and ran anyways. The first three files that I ripped were fine but all the ones after that were garbled.

Damn you ****heads, Sony!

It turned out that the malware it loaded is called MediaMax 5.0, so after a great deal of research and hassle today, I downloaded the uninstaller patch from the software developer’s site (rat bast**** SunnComm).

I also signed up for the Sony settlement agreement which means that once I send them a proof of purchase they’ll let me download the sound files from the web. But in the meantime I STILL couldn’t listen to the album on my ipod, which is my main means of listening to music nowadays.

I knew that with older DRM malware it was possible to bypass it by copying the cda files to your harddrive then burning them onto a clean disk.

Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t even read any audio files on the Sony disk at all.

Fortunately I stumbled across this site and through using the search function (how unusual for a n00b, eh?) was able to research how to use Exact Audio Copy and Lame mp3 encoder to detect the files and rip them, so now after several hours I am finally listening to my CD on my ipod as I write.

I just wanted to say thank you so much, I would have been lost without the advice of the contributors of this site, even if you didn’t answer any of my questions directly!

Welcome and may your stay be long and…uhhh…prosperous…yeah! :slight_smile:

Just proves Knowledge is Power.
Sharing it is Empowering…

Yepp!!! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

holy crap, someone give this guy a medal!!!

welcome to the site! further proving that there’s actually information here, and you don’t have to sit and wait and whine for someone to answer your specific question that was posted 30 seconds ago…

in most cases a relevant answer can probably be found more quickly than it will take for people to respond to a new post.

now hopefully some more n00bs will stumble across this valuable piece of information :wink:

hold on a sec as a newbie i find it really hard to understand alot of the lingo and stuff and the reason why im here is to learn looking at old posts is difficult when you really dont know what anybody saying i really dont like sounding stopid when i ask a question and so i found it easier to start a new thread with a specific question that could be answered easily rather than sort through stuff i dont understand anyway it sounds like you been here a while… please remember that i\we are new [hence newbie] to either computers-internet-cd/dvd burning. dont get me wrong i value your knowlage and and hope you will share it with me but dont chastise us for not being up to your level of expertise

i didn’t mean that at all and i don’t mean to come across that way. by all means, use this site to ask questions. we’re happy to help, that’s why we’re here, but it’s always good practice to do at least some kind of preliminary search first.

if it’s a pretty basic question, someone has has probably asked it before, and it might be so common as to have it’s own sticky in a particular forum. many times you’ll find your answer more quickly through a search than you would if you were to just post and wait for someone to come by and respond.

i wasn’t chastising anyone, it was more a tongue in cheek remark than anything. It’s always nice to see some self sufficient noobs on the board. even if you have a question to start it off by saying “i looked into this, and this, but didn’t really understand what this meant. can’t someone explain how i would use this information to help me” (very vague, but just an example obviously)

i’m nto saying that every single question that can ever be asked has already been answered here, but pretty close to it! :wink: