Thank You

I have recieved some email/responces from various members wishing me well on my up and comming tour to Iraq. I wanted to take a moment to say it is well recieved and thank you all for your support. I have complete faith in my soldiers who will be by my side the whole way through. I thank all of you who have helped me figure out how to backup my dvds. It is going to put smiles on the faces of my men when they can sit back and watch a movie in the small amount of “off” time they recieve. Not to mention I don’t have to ruin my personal collection! That sand over there is awful and gets into and destroys everything. Once again thank you for all of your support. :bow:

Take care and I hope you come back in good health!

(It is all I can say really…)

Good luck to you and god bless america. It is persons like you that make our world safe.

Keep your head down and trust no one.

I wish you all the best and you have our full support. Thank you.