Thank you very much D2O Creators

I would like to say thanks to the creators of DVD2One…:bow:
I have been a happily registered owner since the first day I heard of the program.

It is exactly what myself and a lot of people were looking for and it is so easy. I was getting really tired of the so called “29 step easy process” found on other prominent websites that used a minimum of 6 programs. …:frowning:

IMO, you satisifed me about 3 versions ago, yet you still keep adding to this great little program…

Keep up the most excellent work…

Southpaw :bigsmile:

I would like to extend my thankyou also.
Ive been on the scene for many years, and have been working with just about all methods known to man when doing my dvdbackups, including writing some of the above mentioned “29 easy steps guides” - and d2o is surely the best thing that ever happened in this scene.

d2o fulfilled my needs in the software several versions ago and Im quite happy with it the way it is now. I dont have any requests as to what font it use, or if it should open in the left corner or in the right corner etc. etc. - Its a tool, it works, the rest is BS (no pun intended)

Should I come up with any request for future work - theres only 2 things.

  1. Im quite happy with the quality - but If possible keep optimizing quality of compression/transcoding.
    Because of the nature of how it works, naturally it will not be able to get to the same point as with a manual reencoding with CCE when a movie is very long and requires a very low bitrate - like yesterday I had to backup Dinotopia long version, thats a 4h9m movie, that required a reencode with CCE at 2mbit/s - this was simply to much for d2o or any other transcoder to handle nicely. So Im well aware of the limitations - but any qualityoptimisation possible will allways be welcomed.

  2. In a far future, if possible, it would be nice to be able to do a “full” backup with menu and selectable extras, meaning it would be nice to be able to remove unwanted titles from within d2o.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Another happy bunny here too.

It’s easy to forget that only a few short months ago (pre Dvd2one) this process took many hours to achieve.

I can remember setting things up and going to bed, hoping that in the morning, I would have some output and that nothing froze or crashed.

Nowdays 15- 30 mins on average,is not just good but bloody MARVELLOUS !!