Thank You Signals!



For your efforts and continued hard work…we appreciate it!.. :bow:
First you gave us, “Features Summary for FAB Platinium + Merge Mode” and now the mp3 guide… :clap:
I am just venturing into this myself…kids have Ipods and now my wife. The pressure’s intense on me and I’m about to fold… :eek:
This guide will help a great deal.

So when is “Signals’ Guide for Dummies” coming out?
I’ll take the first copy… :bigsmile:


I’ll arm wrestle you for it first, LOL. ~ Mike, Thanks signals


I hope it proves useful. All the credit goes to Fengtao and Ting (with thanks to Yamb’s Kurtnoise as well) for all the clever software features.

Mrs. signals agrees that a guide TO signals the dummy would have saved her a lot of trouble over 36 years. And she wants the first copy:) Alan gets the second.
/EDIT/P.S. Don’t have one (iPOD) on which to experiment but it shouldn’t be too tough to make that work. I’ll get my IT department right on it.:bigsmile:


I echo your comment maineman, but I give credit to all who have unselfishly given there valuable time to help others on this great forum. This is what makes us the " Biggest and BEST in the World " remember our logo " Knowledge is Power " and for those of you that help others, you are carrying on our tradition in a way that we are all proud of.:clap: