Thank you from a new DW 1620 Owner

After reading many posts on I decided to purchase a BenQ 1620. I followed the BenQ forum closely as I waited for my DVD writer to arrive. When it was finally delivered I had no problem flashing my oem drive to the latest BenQ firmware because of the many informative posts on this site.

Thanks for all the help from someone who lurks in the background.

Cantley :smiley:

Definatly worth the wait wasnt it?

I second the Thank You!

I’m just loving my new BenQ!

same here. i have had liteons,lg and nec and my dw1620 has been the least expensive and the least trouble. just quality burns

:slight_smile: I did the same thing as you, Cantley!

I thought it would take me a few months to make it through a stack of 50 blanks.

Oh well!

Must get a pack of 100 ordered before I get down to my last 10, which should be any minute now…

I’m glad that the BenQ forum made it a snap for you to flash your drive from OEM to BenQ retail firmware. Hopefully, we can see some scans and posts regarding the performance of your new BenQ drive. Happy burning to you. :slight_smile:


I am literally rolling on the floor laughing out loud! MONTHS to go through 50 discs! Ordering 100 hundred more?

Stop it, my sides are hurting!

You’ll want to reconsider and up the order . . . TRUST ME!!! :bigsmile:

Yeah, make it at least 500 - ROFL. :iagree:


Let me wipe my eyes…!

Yes, naive it was to think so, I know now!

I thought to myself, well that’s over 200 Gbytes - it will take a while to find the need to write that much…plus a few videos.

I forgot how much DivX I had accumulated that we never played. Hours and hours I captured stuff for my 3 year old son, but never got around to watching it much.

Then the video rental coupons - there went 12 discs right there!

Oops - shouldn’t be saying that, should I!

Ok - now I need to pay attention to that “limit 5 per customer” rule.

Funny - I never pressed this many CD’s from my CD cutter…hmmmm

I can so agree with this thread. I left my LG 4120 in the dust, and picked up a new DW1620. I am EXTREMELY happy with the purchase, and can only say, I was a retard to not get one sooner? :slight_smile: AWESOME drive. Better support then LG, they added too little too late, and the support from BenQ is what finally convinced me.

Couldn’t agree more :stuck_out_tongue:

the thing is, when searching for the ‘best’ replacement drive, it’s almost impossible to get objective advice - everybody in every forum loves their drive :bigsmile: It took me a week of reading through all the reviews and comments on all the drives in all the forums here to make a decision. And I’m delighted with the 1620.

Reading comments like “poor -R writing” isn’t encouraging when you have just bought a stack of 50 -R discs! But “overspeeding as standard” is very attractive.

Anyway, what really made my mind up about this drive, other than the scores of positive comments, were:

[li]Regular OFFICIAL firmware updates
[/li][li]Cross-flashing is so easy
[/li][li]The drive is a PHENOMENAL reader
[/li][li]…and an incredibly fast writer
[/li][li]It writes to every media code I can throw at it

My first drive was an NEC 1100… very very slow.
Next came a Nu… dual format? Couldn’t write to -R properly.
Then NEC again… couldn’t read the disks it wrote, and very slow.
And now BenQ… can’t find fault with it (yet). Fast, writes to everything, doesn’t get stressed if I use the PC at the same time as burning, reads everything.

To those who come across this post and are wondering if it’s the drive for them… Add it to your shortlist at the very least. This IS an exceptional drive. You won’t be disappointed :smiley:


I second that. I have two of them and they’re the best DVD burners I have ever used. :slight_smile:

I took the advice to get a 1620 too. My crappy Lite-Off 812S finally started dying and I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go. I had a bunch of different brands of media laying around it just couldn’t write to worth a crap but my BenQ has been producing very good results. Hell, I’d get a couple of those media sampler packs just to see if I could find something it can’t do well but I’ve already tried so many brands in the thing there’s no point as I could have made up my own sampler packs. I’m so glad I got this drive.

Screw Lite-On. :a

I have to agree with the BenQ sentiments. If it wasn’t for this forum I would’ve never gotten it after my NEC ND2500A died on me. The BenQ does very well for me and I am not in the least bit upset with it. I guarantee if this drive ever died I’d be right out on the 'net ordering another BenQ or the new drive from BenQ if one was out without a second thought to it. :slight_smile:

Had to register so I could add my own personal thanks to the great folks here. Like Cantley, I chose my first DVD burner (the Benq DW1620) based on what I read here, and I am very much enjoying it!

Thanks to all.

I just love hearing these testimonials from new BenQ owners and their positive experiences with their new BenQ burners. :bigsmile:

I like to echo this as well, LOVE my 1620 and I don’t use the word ‘love’ that easily. I own NEC 3500 and Pioneer A08, BenQ beats them all. :iagree:

Well, my two BenQ 1620’s are not exactly new, but they have certainly stood up to a lot of use. One of them spends each and every night writing video transferred live from tape. As it gets done about 5 a.m., I get up and put in another disc (backup copy). It does nothing through the day, but in the evening it is a music player and serves up movies for the home cinema. For a device that has worked hard and ran nonstop since going into service, I have had very little trouble (issues are related to environmentals and media). The other drive is used as a backup device. While it’s not backing up photos or making multimedia slideshows, it is serving up music for entertainment, and it has never made an error. I can’t believe it either, but it hasn’t scratched yet. yay! :wink:

I use Blankmedia as well. I use DVDDecrypter to rip to hard drive and DVDShrink to make an ISO image of main movie only, then burn the ISO using DVDDecrypter. I use mostly Verbatim 8x DVD+R printables at 12x and use an Epson R200 to print the inserts and the discs (I get my DVD cases from Blankmedia as well). Email me if you wish other info Cantley.

Another person who owns both NEC and BenQ burners and says that his BenQ beats his NEC. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. :bigsmile: