Thank You! DW1655 Help!



Sorry to start a complete new thread but I got help from multiple threads on the site. :slight_smile:

I bought a BenQ 1655 a month ago and had issues immediately with almost every burn failing or errors on test as well as some scary sounds (squealing…I thought it may be loud but not begging for mercy sounds. heh)… I took it out to RMA it and also heard a sound as if something was lose inside. I sent it back, got another, no lose sounding parts or squeeeealing when I fired it up but then the device buffer was jumping from 13-50, taking forever and failing on verify.

I had problems long, long ago with DMA but didn’t think of it and I had also replaced an old NEC DVDR that had no problems in that system. Was reminded of checking the DMA settings in one thread and saw that it was set to muli-word…never hearing of it, more searching and found another thread that indicated it read at about 1/2 the speed of UDMA2, so I manually set it and I’m a burning madman again! :eek:

I was about to give up but since the drive was acting nothing like the previous, I thought I’d stop here first and was up and running in a matter of about 15 min. While I have no question, I wanted to re-register and thank everyone for the incredible resource that all of you have built. :bow: :bow:


Welcome to CDreaks familimy members and glad that you have experiencing with good feeling so far about this community.