Thank You CdFreaks and Users!

Hello everyone, I used to be the type of person who said any media is fine and any burner will do the job so I would always be buying the cheapest I could find. It wasn’t until I came here and I started realizing that how much of a difference there trully is and how wrong I was.

Now you might be asking, who am I and why am I all of a sudden making a thread like this. Well it simply comes down to the fact that I just recieved my new BenQ 1655 drive and I have seen the light. Before this drive I owned thecheapest liteon drive money could buy and I always thought it was a good drive. I ignored the mild skipping of my movie backups while playing them in my dvd player and also ignored the constant noises my ps2 laser would make while playing my PS2 backups. I figured this was all normal and a routine disadvantage of making copies. It wasn’t until I came to frequent these boards that I learned how wrong I was after seeing amazing quality scans with various hardware and media. In a matter of weeks I learned what PI errors and failures were, what jitter is, what media is good to buy and which burners tend to make the best quality burns.

After learning all this I decided to do a scan with the burner I had at the time and was shocked to see how bad the output was. All you have to do is click on the link below and weep for me.


It wasn’t until then that I saw all the skipping, laser noise and other various problems could be avoided if I took the time to read these forums and decided what media and hardware to buy. After reading through the BenQ section of the forums I settled on buying TY media and a BenQ 1655 drive. Well the drive arrived today and immediately I set out to do a burn and scan. I am happy to say that I have never been so happy about the results in a long time. Take a look at the picture attached. All i have to say is no more skipping in my dvd player and no more ps2 laser stress noise!! I didn’t believe it till I actually saw first hand what a difference it makes. Here I am 3 hours after recieveing the drive and all I’ve been doing is burning and scanning to see different results.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the advice, comments, and reviews that I’ve read on this site while lurking on the forums. And a special thank you to all of you BenQ users who commented on my questions and others who took the time to post scans here and show real evidence. Your all a friendly bunch of people who come here with one goal in mind and that is too strive for perfection when it comes down to burning media. All of you have showed professionalism and courtesy to us new people and I couldn’t of had these results without you. You’ve all officially turned me into a burning freak!

Welcome to the band :slight_smile:

I also learned a lot of stuff, and I learn new things every day here.

Another convert :slight_smile:

/me scoffs at the T02 Burn by the Litey411!
Best way to accelerate the Litey411 … 9.8m/s/s :wink:
Or you could always use it as a doorstop :iagree:

Xristaki82, you are most welcome. Congrats to you and all members who made this forum a great place.

Now show us more scans. :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:
To even improve the learning curve, scan on your Benq drive at 8x and save the scan as .png file for a smaller and better images.

PS: I started patching firmwares on a 411, so say nothing against this undestroyable drive :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I just showed my sister the scans and explained the difference in what media and hardware can do. She asked me why there was a tall blue line on the BENQ scan towards the end. I told her it was a sudden pi error spike most likely cause by dust or a scratch. Pulled the dvd out and sure enough there was the scratch. She just called me a nerd and walked away. DAMN YOU Cdfreaks! DAMN YOU! :bigsmile:

More scans in 8x coming up soon. Posting them here to make more converts :bow:

EDIT: Gonna wait till tommorow till I recieve my dvd-r TYG02 and try with those before posting scans.

Ooooooh baby!
Those TYG02’s have got it where it counts :wink:

TYG02 Scan burnt at 4x with Nero, scanned at 8x. Another beauty!

Again a TYG02 burnt at 4x and scanned at 8x. Just when I thought I couldn’t beat my last one, this one shows up.

Good scans Xristaki82 :slight_smile:

LOL, next time tell her she forgot to wave the disc over her head before
putting it in the player, that activates the bits for better reading…and watch
the fun. :slight_smile:

seriously…seconding Xristaki82’s first post. great forum.

Were did you purchase those TY’s??

Purchased them from Here’s the link: TYG02 8x

Is there any downside to getting the 16 x’s ??

Try to burn at 8x. :wink:

Only if they cost more :wink: