Thank you cdfreaks (1633S owner)

I bought a 1633S months ago, after I first started looking at cdfreaks. At the time, LiteON was still the hot thing, and cdfreaks helped me decide what drive to get. No one could know at the time that LiteON was about to take a bit of a nose dive, or at least fall from grace.

I want to send a big screw you to LiteON for abandoning the 1633S. For those who don’t know, the firmware for the 1633S was pretty bad when it came out. On anything but the best media, it was producing pretty lousy burns. It didn’t exactly take KProbe to discover this. I got my share of coasters and discs that would only read in some drives or at 2X tops. Whenever I wrote, I had to select a lower speed than top speed in order to get a good burn. LiteON was going to release a fixed firmware, but never seemed to, they released a speed-upgraded one, but the quality of burns still stunk. LiteON then released the 1653S and abandoned the 1633S.

This may seem like a bad story, but it gets better.

After releasing the 1653S, it finally seems LiteON mended their ways a bit and made some decent firmwares for the 1653S. A fat lot of good that would do the average 1633S owner, but thanks to cdfreaks, I was able to change the ID of my drive and flash the useable 1653S firmware on it. No one would ever mistake this for a modern drive (it reads burned DVDs at a much slower rate than pressed ones, unlike latest gen drives), but it’s a lot better than the unit I removed in disgust a few months ago.

Thanks cdfreaks (members) for helping me make the best of a bad situation with my drive. cdfreaks is an invaluable resource for those who spend a little effort to use it.

I also want to send a big message to LiteON (if they read stuff like this), I was one of the people who took the bite for your lackluster 1633S efforts and I figure it was us who perhaps got the message out that LiteON was no longer the place to be. I do want to say that I buy a fair number of new drives, and if you can get back on track, I’ll be glad to support you again someday. I love competition in the market, and it’d be great to see LiteON return as a top-notch player.

Totally agree with you on this,tried different firmwares,none of any difference,even the cross flashed ones.Having to keep burns at 4x (on 16x media!),refusing to burn over that.This drive had really put me off liteon,my local shop has stopped stocking them,that says enough in itself.
Out of interest,what was the best media you had results with?