Thailand floods to hurt PC shipments, but 'excess supply' of HDDs in 2012



Thailand floods to hurt PC shipments, but ‘excess supply’ of HDDs in 2012.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Following catastrophic flooding in Thailand this fall, PC shipment expectations for 2012 have dropped considerably, revealed market research and analysis firm IHS. A projected shortfall for next year's opening quarter will result in nearly 4 million fewer units hitting the market than previously predicted, said the company.

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This proves that Intel’s earnings miss had NOTHING to do with hard drive shipments & availability in q4. More to the point, the traditional price chops ending q3 and going into q4 NEVER MATERIALIZED because Intel never cut prices… if anything the retail price trended higher due to higher shipping costs spurred on by higher oil/gas/diesel prices. There are two major price cuts that need to happen to spur demand… otherwise tablets will consume any appetite for a computing device.

While core products such as PC’s, DVR’s and media boxes primarily have to utilize a hard drive, consumers upgrade/replace internal drives & buy external drives for various reasons. Primarily, hard drives were killing off the need for blue ray due to the ultra low price of $60 per terabyte. You can also throw into the mix cheaper blue ray drives & media coming in 2012! With prices doubling & tripling, blue ray looks more and more attractive & hard drives, not so much.

Thailand will diversify their production line locations so that facilites are built on HIGH levels of a building and in various locations with flooding abatement machinery (pumps) taken into account. Too much is at stake to just hand off $$ millions to China.