Tft or Crt?

Hi guys your opinion would be appreciated on this matter…

After many a read of various articles on upgrading to a flatty
from a crt its doin my head in - Whats your views ???

And one for the gamefreaks whats the quality like on a flatty (lcd tft) as i,m hearing very different views close to home on this issue.
Shall i / shall i not-- thats the question ?
Just for the record yes i play a few games now and again plus the normal run of the mill stuff.
OK the Price is abit hard on our pockets but forget that for now:rolleyes: .


If you tend to have a lot of fast moving things on the screen then forget LCD.

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
If you tend to have a lot of fast moving things on the screen then forget LCD.

I totally agree with Mr. Belvedere on this. TFT LCDs are still not fast enough for fast frame rates compared to CRTs. I’ve noticed lots of ghosting on fast moving images on these screens.

To truly enjoy LCDs sharpness you have to have it digitally driven, not analog as on normal CRTs as it then goes through two conversions (DA->AD), and that requires special video hardware.

A good modern CRT can be as sharp and sometimes even feel sharper than an LCD at a given resolution. Plus LCDs cannot be scaled outside of their native resolutions without major loss in picture quality.

I’ve been using a 19" Hansol 900P for 3 years now in 1600x1200 and have not seen anything better than that screen at that resolution. It looks actually better at that res than at the ‘recommended’ setting of 1280x1024… Of course, video card quality is an important factor as well (I have a Matrox G400).

When looking for a monitor, you MUST be looking AT the monitor. Can’t buy from reading articles. Go and try it, fiddle with it. Usually a monitor with a higher bandwidth is better than one with a lower bandwidth (also called Pixel Clock Rate). Higher bandwidth=sharper picture at higher resolutions at a given refresh rate.

HTH a bit.