TFT Monitor Dead Pixel Policy

my mum has just got my old PC, but she could do with a 19" TFT monitor, i’ve been looking around for one, i’m sure i’ve read on here (or someplace else) that there are a couple of manufacturers that have a policy that if you have a dead pixel you can exchange the monitor.

the $64,000 question, whats the names of these manufacturers


Well, first off you should just go to the manufacture site and lookup their warranty policies. That is fairly straight forward thing to do…that is homework enduser should do before buying lcd monitor. Also one needs to inform others where they are from so as to keep other informed whom are from that area to respond to the OP question. And also one needs to keep their receipt until the warranty expires or is no longer valid that is something all electronic buyers should keep in a safe place. Without it companies don’t have to honor their warranty since they don’t know whom bought or own that electronic item.

thanks for the reply coolcolors, i’m sure i read on here a good few years ago about some manufacturers replacing monitors with a dead pixel & i was hoping somebody would’ve remembered about who they were, obviously not, as for my location, i think it’s pretty clear where i’m from

You should contact the manufacture of your 19 LCD monitor they will be able to tell you more as warranty is done through the manufacture not another company. I think the major LCD manufacture has some kinda replacement policy for dead pixel you just have to call or email them or just look at their site.