Tfc 1.5 patch



Ive heard the patch has been leaked onto the net…could anyone tell me were i might be able to download it…thank you


TF 1.5 patch

viste the TK Clan

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more info

K a lot of people act like the changed conc is the end of the world.

I think its a good thing.
The 3 new maps need the new conc settings. Ofcourse all thos conc lamers on public severs [people who only play as scout/medic all the time] will have the world fallen on to their head, they finally find out they aren’t as good as they thought they where.

Now the effects of concjumping in TF1.5:


You can’t jump from balcony to balcony for an easy score , i believe you still can conc from the ground to the blacony but note sure and does’t matter either IMHO.

The scout has no quick way out of the 2fort basement anymore witch is also good, he has speed and he goes tru the tunnel al lighting speed witch is an advatange already.

The medic van still jump up the elevator with a grenade jump unless the grenade is changed to.


The only map where conc jumping really could make a difference, scouts and medics are not very usefull when the map is at the flagroom so the heavyer classes or spy have to break tru.

The concump in the outside area is not possible either but this is good, no easy capture.


no easy conc to the sniper deck.

No easy conc over the yard [not sure, this might still work]

conc’s can still be very usefull in this map.

So you see it isn;t that bad at all.
You just have to find new strategies, on rock2 for exaple there are still some places to conc to no man conced before. hehe.

its just goeing back to basic in a tme tfc was new and nobody exept some TF diehards who knowd it was’t a cheat but a feature.

So to all the people acting its the end and thet will quit TFC

A medic and scout rarely where team players, now they better bring some backup allong and don’t go solo.

People are just overreacting just like the run speed and crosshairs in cs B6.0


Thanks for responding Vinculum iam still outta luck the patch was removed from the site…but i am gonna keep looking…thanks again…