Text Import or Convert to Cue/ISO etc

Hey all,

Here’s the deal. I have a text file that contains a list of files I have on my hard drive. I simply want to use that list and burn those files to a CD.

How can I do this? Can I convert the file to some file that one of the popular burning programs will import and use? Or is there some burning solution that can read in the text file list of file names and use it?

if you have an absolute listing, ie c:(full path to file), you should be able to drag / drop it into nero, i would think. if you only have relative listings, im not as sure.

It was a relative listing but if the absolute listing drag and drop thing works I can do that.

Nope drag and dropping from Word to Nero didn’t work. Would a cue file do what I desire? Perhaps I should be looking for a way to convert it to a cue file or write something myself.

copy paste? :P…i dont burn things anymore. anyone more enlightened out there?

Someone gave me a suggestion. It’s kludgey but it would at least save me some time.

I can convert that text file list into a batch file that copies all the files to some other directory. Then I just have to burn all in that directory.

Kludgey and consumes space but it’ll work.

mkisofs can create an cd image from a path-list.
Using a *.txt file with absolute paths for files to process! :cool:

It might but if I remember correctly that is a *Nix program. I have a Linux box here but I prefer to do most of my work on my Windows machine.

They probably have a windows port of it somewhere. I may do a search for it and hope the documentation is good enough that I don’t have to research the command line parameter’s too much.

I admit it, I’ve gotten lazy and prefer a nice GUI where I don’t have to hunt for the proper combination of command line parameters.

CopytoDVD has the ability to burn files from a text list.
See http://www.copytocd.com/sdkhome.htm for more info on this.

That should do what I need. Thanks! It’s command line but there is a front end, Cute Burner, that should allow me to be lazy as I wanna :wink: