Text file dominates

Hi gang,
I’m trying to burn some flacks with a cue file. I get “No playable…” on 2 so far and noticed there is a text file in the file I’m burning. So on the player it comes up as a data disc. Is that text file doing it?

cue file is in “Create cue”
After I create the file I leave it out of the source, right.

OK. The tutorials kind of confused me. I’m burning flac not iso, but anyway The cue file (alone) is what you burn.

Hi skoville , I see you figured it out before I saw this thread.

Just to go over it.
After you create the .cue file.
Using Write mode ( “Write image file to disc” if using Ez-Mode Picker).
“Browse for a file” the select the .cue file.
Burn to a CD disc for an Audio CD.

The ImgBurn guide or tutorial for this is old but still works.
Unless this has changed ImgBurn needs one of the FLAC codecs installed on the OS to do this.

Hey cholla!
It seems to work that way. As soon as you ask, it dawns on you.