Texas BB Ad + Staples ink coupon =

Sony MIJ!!!

YUDEN000 T02 50 pack for $10.25 (including tax) This site rules!

they didn’t check the date or location on the ad or anything. she barely even looked at it. I just said “best buy has this for 14.99. you price match, right?” and she went ahead and did it before i even unfolded the piece of paper.

I’m probably going to go back later this week and look for more. and for the record, these are my first yuden discs. yay!

Staples is right…that WAS easy :slight_smile:

Now think of what you just paid. And then think of the people that just walk in and grab something that does not know the difference and pay the $39.98. I live in Texas and got them for the advertised price. but also had some of the Mcdonalds Best Buy bucks.

Its just crazy the prices they charge for some of these but if you come to a site like this and compare and do the price match how much you save.

Good job on the Ty’s. You will love them.

Fyi, if anyone else is thinking of trying this, read this thread for info on the Texas best buy ad.
As far as the ink coupon, you can return a used ink cartrige for 3$ off. Rumor has it, staples had some ink cartriges on mega clearance for 15 cents each (if you can find them), and then just turn around and use them for the 3$ off coupon.