Tevion TEV007 dvd/vcr combo

I just purchased in Australia a ALDI Tevion DVD/VCR combo model TEV007. Sofar have not found any reference anywhere on the web.
Does anyone have any experience with this unit?
I am after 2 things specifically.
a) It is set to region “4” . Is there a way to change the region setting FREE.
b) I have a universal remote TEVION MD81302, Trying to program it for this
new DVD/VCR combo does not seem to work.
Does anyone know the remote device codes for the combo or its dvd vcr parts?

any feedback is much appreciated. regards Nahon

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Ring the Medion/Tevion help line listed in the manual and all should be revealed. The unit you have bought is electronically quite good. Aldi contract the largest Chinese manufacturers to make their stuff to a strict quality recipe for the Aussie market.
You might even the find that the unit is already region free.

Thanks Stroppy,
I did not think of the obvious. I’ll try calling them. Nahon

You’re welcome… :iagree: :wink:

I have the same dvd/vcr combo, the tev007, just wondering if you ever found a region free hack for it?

I also have the TEV007 DVD/VCR. Also wondering about the region free code.

If you have it, please email to jocelyn.osgood @ gmail.com (without the spaces)… Would be very much appreciated.


Anybody hacked this then? Please let me know: jerseybean@hotmail.com