Tevion TDR930 recorder: how to prevent copyright protections when backing up VHS?

Hi everyone. Normally I could get what I want from google but this question has got me stumped. I have the above recorder [ just bought it and it works great ] but I know with some players only there is a code to disable zoning - all very good but I am pretty sure there must be a code for this recorder to DISABLE copy protection. I am trying to transcribe all my legally bought video tapes to DVD but every time I try to copy a tape from my tape recorder [ via comp video OR RF output] my DVD recorder sez " copywrite enabled, recording stopped ’ There used to be a box attachment to put in line many years ago for people to copy tape to tape - which filtered out the copywrite signal . I cant see how going RF would let the DVD pick up the hidden signal and stop recording ??. Is there a tech code around this ? or do I have to resort to spooling the tape over to my PC [ a pain] vai a PCI input card. If there is no code to disable this insideous crap, whats a good work around that wont take a day to do ?:confused:

As you say there are in-line filters for the Macrovision analogue signal. Many people here recommend Sima products.

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