Tevion DVD Recorder won't play burnt dvd's

We have just purchased a tevion Dvd Recorder with 160gb HDD, and we are unable to play any dvd’s which we had previously burnt. All dvd’s play fine on other stand alone players, anyone have any ideas??? :confused:

DvD-R,DvD+R etc ?

One of these models? http://www.videohelp.com/dvdrecorders?DVDname=tevion&Submit=Search&hdsize=Any&dvdportable=&dvdchanger=&dvdtv=&orderby=Name&hits=50&Search=Search

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the model is tdr1602hd
and format of most burnt discs are dvd-r but wont play dvd+r either :confused:

I’d usually say media, but I’ve expereinced tevion players myself. Tevion aren’t a good brand.
I’d say the player has issues. Before going too far & throwing the box out, make sure it can at least play pressed DVD’s …

The “Tevion DVD Player” my sister bought couldn’t play burnt DVD’s or pressed DVD’s … obviously a problem with that player, right?
Wrong! She took it back & was given a replacement … didn’t play either :stuck_out_tongue:
Took it back a second time, and plugged in the demo model … didn’t play anything!
Money back time :stuck_out_tongue:

Did some digging around, and found exactly what debro expressing. There are a lot of forums where the discussions about this particular brand are not very favorable. Problems like what you are describing and others. The end result was that they returned the unit and when with another brand.

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The Unofficial Forum for this particular model is located here: http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=51783

i bought one of these about a month ago, i’m quite happy with it, i’ve had no problem playing either commercial or burnt -r dvds, haven’t had a +r to try yet :smiley: