I am attempting to run TetrisCPL with Fahrenheit. The drivers load fine and I can point to the Fahrenheit.tdf file OK. But in the Tetris window, after mounting the Fahrenheit.tdf file, the status shows: Inactive and I cannot see or find a way to ‘activate’. Any clues?

I believe it “activates” when you attempt to run the game.

I have tried running the game but the message ‘Insert CD’ comes up and Tetris remains inactive.

You need to have your backup inserted into a drive to play.
TetrisCPL just allows you to play from a backup, it still requires a disc in to play though.

The disc is in the drive but Tetris will not activate.

Does the game run from your original disc?

Yes, it does.

What program did you use to create the image?
What settings did you use to create the image?
Did you install the game from the image?

I’m sorry to start this topic all over again but I’m having some issues with Fahrenheit, too. I followed the procedure as it was said in the DVD and I’m having the same problems as Ruckman does. First of all, the game isn’t installed from the image. It is installed from the separate folder “Fahrenheit” after which I have to go to another one called “Fahrenheit image” in which there is a Tetriscpl application. As it sais, I have to press the “install driver” button and reboot the system after which I have to run the Tetriscpl again and mount the .tdf file. When I do that the same problem appears, that is: it’s inactive. I’ve tried to run the game, too, but it didn’t work. For some reason the Alcohol 120% setup was there so I’ve installed it and searched for the images on the DVD but there wasn’t any. Please help, I beg a few :bow: :sad: .

I have the files *.001 to *.044,the *.sfv and tetriscpl.exe,
what it’s supposed i have to do to convert it to a image or something readable ?

Hey i did that:

I made a mini image with alcohol no options enebled just speed at x4 for that DVD

I made it from my backup, not from original disc and it worked!!!

Mount it in daemon tools, run tetris emu install driver, restart, mount Fahrenheit.tdf dont close tetris set compatibility mode with win2000 for .exe of the game and play!!!

If it wont start for the next time check the location where you installed the game and search for uninsttagesdiver.exe or something like that click it and it will uninstall tages driver!!

Now run tetris, mount the .tdf and play!!

I got mine activated. I just used mini image. Now It’s activated, i have the disk in the drive (i also tried using the virtual drive for the main image), but I still get the message “original disk could not be found”. Why is that? It drives me nuts.

I haven’t tried it yet, but i think you can use virtual-cd-hide for that. :slight_smile: