Testing sw for Samsung SH-S203?

Having Samsung SH-S203 and wanting to do analysis on burn quality
on self burned dvds, was trying to find answer about this, but did not

as understand for example Kprobe is not suitable for Samsung,
so question is, are there similar (free) sw, which is suitable for
Samsung and which one ? Thanks!


Kprobe should work with your 203, and after some registry editing Nerö DiscSpeed also. Please have a look at my signature for details :slight_smile:


Kprobe worked ok :iagree: like it was supposed to with SH-S203D SB00

have to look this registry editing to make it work with Nero DiscSpeed later with better time

2 DVD:s were tested, both 5 times, with Kprobe version 2.5.2 at xp.
Test order: first dvd test, then out, second dvd test, out, then first dvd again in for second test etc. Test was made in this Samsung, dvds being Sony –R 16x media code SONY 16D1, from Nierle, made in India. Both tested dvds were same Sony, also contents of both dvds were the same, recorded tv programs with Panasonic DMR EH55 (not known which burner is there inside this?) and dvds were about half full so about 1 hour of programs with SP quality. Default settings on Kprobe was used so remove the spike, auto detect, PI sum8, PIF sum1, speed max etc. Only PI/PIF test was done, progress was not always to 100% for some reason, program stopped and presented results. One reason for testing was also to find what kind of quality are these Sonys…

What is interesting that in results are big differences ?! Being not yet so familiar with the subject, anyway wondering are so big differences normal? and what is recorded quality in general on these two, can not say yet: average/bad… ? Different Verbatim was also tested, on those were always much less errors, those were not tested many times (yet) Results of two Sony tests below, only total numbers of PI/PIF are presented

First DVD: PI/PIF count: TOTAL

1 time : 7604 / 115 (!)

2 time: 132 581 / 1576

3 time: 64 531 / 1682

4 time: 86 879 / 739

5 time: 132 679 / 1601

Second DVD: PI/PIF count: TOTAL

1 time: 77 363 / 920

2 time: 37 033 / 145 (!)

3 time: 91 622 / 1188

4 time: 87 350 / 1218

5 time: 79 846 / 1170