Testing Standards

I am new to this forum. I am interested in buying a new burner, so I found this great place.

My concern is that there are no standards to testing. Why does everyone use different testing software for different drives. How can I make a decision when I have no comparison to use. For example if plextor is such a good drive why do you not test it with a standard software and standardize the tests (I am referring to the review section) so it is the same for all as well use Plextools if you wish to. Then people could do whatever they want to in the forums. I could make a more objective decision if I had more consistenat facts?

It would be extremely difficult to test all drives with the same standard, since they all support different testing software. KPROBE only works with LITE-ON drives. Nero CD SPEED only works with certain drives. PlexTools, only works with plextor drives, and so on. But I do see your point, and it would be nice to have one single tool to test all drives. But then you would have a different problem, since all drives have different read abilities. So you would have to have a standardized software, and standardized firmware/hardware.


That is why we rely on the “Search” function and go to the reviews of different drives to help in making our purchasing decisions-


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“PlexTools, only works with plextor drives, and so on”.

I am sure I have many posts where Plex tools is used to test different types of drives ex.http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=129500. Do I have it wrong?