Testing Ritek 4 & 8X -DVD discs



Hi Guys,


Is there a program (programs) to test ritek 4 & 8X- DVD.



Hey mor1…

What type of tests are you looking to do? Speed, Disk quality? What kind of drive do you have? Best place to start is go to the forum of your drive. If there is one for yours. If not let us know the answers to the other questions.



Hi Sportfisk,

I would like to test the quality of a copied disc.

Found that Plextor Tools work.



Hey mor1…

I don’t have the plextor tool but I believe the majority of the scans you see here on the forum are done with Nero. At least for quality. This is what I primarily use in conjunction with KProbe. But you do need a Liteon drive to use KProbe. So with these you should accomplish your goal.



Thanks Again sportfisk.

I’m also using Nero 6603.


Nero CD/DVD Speed is also a very good tool to check out the quality of your disks.

Take a look in the Media Testing/Identifying Software there you can find aslo useful information about other testing software.


Thanks for all the useful tips guys.

Great forum.