Testing retail DVD-Video discs

Hi all:

Sorry for being a bit off-topic, but I looked through the forum list and couldn’t find any other that would be more adequate. My question is: what program do you recommend to test retail DVDs? (not media that you’ve burned yourself). I’m asking this because I’ve just bought a DVD pack of a TV series, and I don’t have time to watch all the episodes before the return date, so I figured I’d just test the discs on the computer.

I’ve been using Nero CD Speed, but I don’t know if there are any technical reasons that might make it less reliable (considering for example that the DVDs in question are double layer, while my version of Nero doesn’t support DL burning, etc.).

CDSpeed should be independent of the Nero program as it is available as a separate download. I would say the transfer test is probably the most reliable. I would also test the discs with DVD Shrink using the view disc mode as I have found it is sometimes good at detecting CRC errors and it is very fast. I suppose you could also use DVDDcrypter and copy everything to the hard drive. If there are any problems on the discs they would also show up there as the program slows down to read a bad sector.

Thanks for your answer. I’m curious about why you say that the transfer test is the most reliable in CDSpeed. What’s wrong with the others? Up to now I was using Disk Quality and ScanTest to check my burned data DVDs, and they seemed to be alright, but maybe I’ve been misguided this whole time… :slight_smile:

No, I did not mean to say that the transfer test was the most reliable of CDSpeed’s tests. I meant to say that for determining the integrity of the commercial discs this would be the most reliable test. Sorry.