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I just bought a PX-712SA and together with that a bunch of 4x DVD-R discs from “SW Technology”. After attempting to burn a data disc (~4.1GB) a couple of times and just getting the error message “Burn process failed” after approx. 80% (the Nero log is attached), I decided to ask around a bit. As a newbie to the whole DVD burner scene, I wasn’t aware that the quality of the media was so important. I thought such issues had been ironed out long ago. To remedy the situation, I just ordered a test pack containing 10 discs of varying dye and manufacturer. I intend to to some testing on these discs to see which one is most suitable for my drive. However, I have no idea how to do these tests. Here are some questions for you:

  • What should I burn? Data? Video? Is there perhaps some special testing image I can use?
  • What should I use to test the burned discs?

Thanks in advance.

For testing Nero DVDSpeed and Plextools PI/PO error test are ok. It does not really matter what you write. (but write the FULL disk)

regards, Stephen

Well , a bit more elaborate answer is :

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    [B][U]The hitchhikers guide to PI/PO-testing[/U][/B]
  1. Start PlexTools Pro (newest version 2.16) , highlight Your 712-A/SA/UF and choose Write Transfer Rate Test .

  2. In preferences You must un-mark the Simulation-choice (under Preferences : Transfer Rate Test) to get a usefull & total discwrite .

  3. Let it finish the burn …

  4. Then choose Q-Check PI/PO Test .

  5. Both Show PIE and Show POF should be marked and the SUM8 Test chosen .

  6. You can change the Y-axis and write Your own numberlimit in Preferences : Q-Check PI/PO Test .

  7. You can change the numberlimit-value even while You’re scanning without affecting the result .

  8. Let it scan …

  9. Press Your PrintScreen-button on Your keybord and open Paint and paste it into a new file .

  10. Then use a pictureprogram to reduce the size so You can upload the darn thing

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Thanks for the tips Permium712USB, but before I read your post, I followed the previous posters advice and have already burned 7 out of my 10 discs in Nero (filled them up misc. crap), so switching to using PlexTools now, in the middle of the test, doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Simpler way:
9. Right click on the graph area, save as image *.png. The pic size will be around 4-6 Kb only.
10. Upload in this forum using Manage Attachments.

I will run the PI/PO tests (what ever that does! :)) in PlexTools when I’m finished and post my results here. Perhaps you guys can help me interpret them.

It turned out 5 out of the 10 discs I got had the RITEKG04 dye, so I guess the results for those discs will be more or less identical. Still, it will be interesting to see if there are any differences.

I asked this question a couple month a ago :bigsmile: so I’m just passing the info. :bigsmile:

PI error (the Y-axis) above 280 is considered bad burn, below 280 is good, below 20 is excellent. Some people say below 100 is excellent.

Yes, thanks. Right after I posted that, I searched around a bit and found this topic which describes it very well.

Here are the results:

Azo (Yi Jhan 001)

DataWrite Yellow Classic (PRINCO)

DataWrite Yellow V2 (RITEKG05)

LeadData (LEADDATA01)

RiData (RITEKG04)

RiDisc (RITEKG04)

Ritek Landscape (RITEKG04)

Traxdata (RITEKG04)

[Unbranded] (RITEKG04)

Verbatim (MCC 01RG20)

Azo (Yi Jhan 001): awful, don’t use these anymore.
Princo: could be readable but Princo generally they are low quality discs.
LeadData: a good scan, not great but good.
Ritek G05: another good scan.
Ritek G04: this is an excellent result in my book.
MCC: and this is another excellent burn.

Yes, that is basically the same conclusion I came to. I will avoid Azo’s and Princo’s. It should be noted that Nero said I could burn the G05 disc at 8x, but when I tried, it appeared to burn it at 4x anyway (it took just as long as a 4x burn). I guess G04 och MCC is the way to go for me.

Can we determine the burning speed of a burned dvd? I have a couple disks burned from the same ISO, same title, one have a good PI/PO scan, the other is bad. I think I burned one @6x and the other @8x, but I like to know for sure.

After the disc has been burned you cannot check at which speed it was burned, except of course right after the burn (write time) :wink: