Testing Old CR-Rs

I have a few 10+ year old CD-R discs containing digital images that I am worried may be starting to deteriorate. Is there a free tool or method for WinXP that I can use to assess whether it’s time to copy this data to new discs?


CD-DVD Speed. You can do a “Scan Disc” with it.

Depending what burner you have, you may also be able to do a “Quality Scan” - what burner do you have?

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I have two drives, a NEC ND-3500AG, and a model GCE-8400B that Dell says was made by HLDS.


You can do a quality scan on DVD-/+Rs and CD-Rs with the NEC drive, although someone might want to confirm what the best scan speed is.


Unfortunately, the LG drive (GCE-8400B) isn’t capable of scanning discs.

On both drives though, you can do a “Scan Disc” with CD-DVD Speed. :slight_smile:

Not really. You need unreleased experimental firmware to perform DVD quality scans with the NEC ND-3500AG. CD Quality Scans are possible with released firmware but it doesn’t report C1 errors, so it’s close to useless.

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Well, at least there’s the good old Transfer rate test and ScanDisc for the OP :slight_smile: