Testing media with Nero SDK

Hello all,
in my MFC application I want to obtain information about the inserted DVD-Media just like Nero InfoTool does it.
For this I tried to use the Nero SDK, but I didn’t find a way to get the “Extended Information” like Layers, Track Path, Disc Size, Supported Speeds, Blank Capacity, Manufacturer ID …

Can anybody tell me how this is possible with Nero SDK?

In fact I only want to distinguish between a burned and a pressed DVD.

Please help!


NeroGetCDInfo() return a NERO_CD_INFO structure which contains some of your information you requested like disc size, Blank capacity.

Use NeroGetAvailabeSpeeds to get supported speeds. If the disc is inserted during the function call, the return value contains all speed supported by drive AND disc.

I don’t know how to determine layers and Manufacture ID. As far as I know there is no way to get this values.

I don’t know what you mean with track path.

In fact I only want to distinguish between a burned and a pressed DVD.

I don’t think there is any way to get the production method of cd with Nero. Can NeroInfoTool do this? If yes I dont discover it jet.


Thanks for your reply!
I tried the API function “NeroGetCDInfo”, but when I insert a pressed Double Layer DVD (DVD 9) the attribute ncdiLayer0MaxBlocks is 0 although the discription says:
ncdiLayer0MaxBlocks -> If this value is set, the medium is a double layer medium whereby layer 0 can not be bigger than the given number of blocks.

The Nero InfoTool does it correctly and says “2 Layers”.

Can you or anyone tell me if or how it is possible to get the corrrect media information with Nero SDK, just like Nero InfoTool does it?

Or is the SDK too old to support Double Layer DVD? The newest SDK file is from 19.5.2004.


Its possible that NeroSDK is to old to support double layer. Because I use NeroSDK currently only to burn CDs I am not so fimilar with this topic, but I also wait for a new release of NeroSDK.

May be someone other can help you.