Testing Media Quality Before Burning?



Ok, so as most regulars here know by now, I’ve had consistent troubles with MBI DL discs. What is the best way to test the media BEFORE I burn it? I have no idea what I should be looking for (I have both OptiDrive & CDSpeed).

Many thanks!!! :slight_smile:


You need either a Benq DW1620/1640/1650/1655 and Qscan or a Plextor PX-712/716/755 and Plextools Professional XL to test unrecorded media (Tracking and Focus Error rate).


You can read about it in the following thread:

Tracking Error (TE) and Focus Error (FE) testing

In my opinion, such testing is not worth the time it takes to perform, since it doesn’t predict very well the quality of the final burn.


Can you imagine the time wasted testing 25 & 50gb blu ray media? ugh!


I think (as hinted at in the thread DrageMester posted) some LiteOn DVDRW drives (maybe the models introduced for 2006 through possibly 2009, maybe newer) also support TE/FE tests. How well that may work for DL media and/or with the newer drives, I do not know. I’m also not sure which versions of CD-DVD Speed support this (if any), if ODC supports it for the drives, or if you can find the requisite tool made for LiteOn drives (also mentioned in the link provided by Drage).

For your specific purpose, TE/FE might help to show if there is a problem focusing on the media or keeping track of the…err…track. There could be many other reasons for the outright failures plaguing your MBI DL burns, though, but it is a tiny step.