Testing DVD burns with NEC 3500A



Hi all,

I got my 3500A a few days ago and made a disc. I used Verbatim 8X DVD-Rs (MCC 02RG20) to back up my Spider-man 2 disc. The first was at 2X speed (due to me not setting the speed choice up before burning) created with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. I experience periodic pauses during the playback from time to time on my Sony and Toshiba set top players. Is there any way I can test the quality of the burn without having a LiteOn drive (using only my NEC 3500A)? I have read that Sony can be picky for playing back burned DVDs…any recomendations on a new DVD player that is a bit more compatable with the newer formats (DVD-R, MP3 CD & DVD)? Thanks for the help.

p.s. Sorry if this has been discussed often in the past, I couldn’t find a good answer when I searched for one.


Can I use CD Speed in Nero 6601 with my LiteOn DVD-Rom drive (LTD163 with GDHG firmware) to run the disc quality test? I ran a test on my disc that pauses but I’m not sure how to interpret the results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


There have been previously reported issues between Sony players and burns on the 3500A. In such cases, Kprobe generally does show a problem-free scan. Even switching to a different batch of the ‘identical’ disc from the same factory with the same specifications has been known to cure it.

Take a look in the NEC forum archives, there are some posts about it.