Testing Disc Quality

Hello There.

I’ve spent the last few years trying to backup my dvd collection, and it wasn’t until recently that i started watching some of the movies. Over this time period, I’ve had 5-6 different dvd burners. Most of the discs burned with my last burner (Lite-On 1633) were no good, so I’ve upgraded to a NEC 3540A and the quality has been excellent. I either use TY02 or ritek (RicohJPN R01) discs.

While I’m still home from college, I’m going through my collection of burned discs and trying to find which ones are screwed up and try to reburn them. The discs freeze up towards the end of the movie, and playback can only be resumed if a few chapters are skipped. I though that if I just used nero cd-dvd speed 4.11 to check the discs for errors, i could spot the bad discs right away.

I’m semi-comfortable interperting PIF and PIO numbers, but I can’t figure out whats going out. Some movies that show very high PIF and PIE (over 1000) play fine because it appears that the errors start around 3gb and the movie ends at around 2.7gb.

I have attached a print screen of the quality reading and any help in interpreting it would be great

The first two files are from the bourne supremacy that works fine. If you notice, the movie ends before the errors go too high, possibly because this disc has 5.1 DTS audio and DVD shrink compressed the video a lot?

The last two files are from Seven. The movie screws up at around 1hour 34 minutes. If you notice, the errors get real high during the later chapters.

Thanks in advance!

Everything after the 3gb mark looks really bad. :frowning:

how about rescanning at less than max normal scanning speeds are 5x for accuracy and 12x for speed. 16x scans really do not give any real info

Rescanned BourneSurpremacy at 5x - the graph follows the same general trend.

I’m pretty sure the write stradegy was too aggressive for the discs, which would explain why the first portion of the disc, which was burned at lower speed, is much better quality.

My working theory on how to determine if the discs will playback alright is: open up scan disc, look at the MB where the chapters end. Then goto disc quality, and check if the errors increase before the movie ends, or during the movie.

I imagine the problem is testing with a different burner than what you burned with although I use a liteOn to test my NEC burns. I think that the TYs are pretty good about longetivity.